While Sam Parrett was working as a graphic designer in the music industry, he got his first taste of type design when he decided to craft a font from a rejected hand-drawn logo. At first, it was just a fun experiment to see what he could create, but he quickly found himself becoming fascinated with the process. That one simple project would go on to shape the course of his career – shifting his focus toward typography.

Sam established Set Sail Studios as a website and online store, offering tools and resources for other graphic designers. He has a particular affinity for hand-painted type designs, which is most likely a result of the years he spent working in the music world, a place where passion, creative freedom, and artistry reign.

Sam has seen a great deal of success with his typography; his work secured three out of ten spots on our Top Ten Fonts Of 2016. Sam’s type designs carry themselves with strong, individual personalities, with something to suit just about any type of message you might wish to convey.

One of his most recent releases is Instaquote Lettering Kit, a collection of 10 fonts and 14 social media templates. If you love handwritten fonts with a lot of character, this collection is a must-see.

Bloomfields is a monoline cursive type design with a classic, carefree style, while Broadstone is a chic, inky font with an inky texture. Foxglove is a bouncy brush script whose excitement and energy cannot be contained. Heartstrings is a messier, somewhat masculine handwriting accompanied by a full set of alternate letters, Heartstrings Alt, for greater versatility.

Homeward is a happy and expressive monoline font that pairs well with Hummingbird, an all-caps monoline type design. Moonlight Boardwalk features bold and passionate calligraphy that pairs brilliantly with Summer Serenade, a playful all-caps brush letter set. Sticks & Stones is the heaviest of the lot, with thick brush strokes and all-caps lettering. Finally, Sugarboat is a quirky all-caps design that features an entire set of alternates for additional lettering options.

The fonts within the Instaquote Lettering Kit collection were designed to pair well with one another, creating a mix-and-match grab bag of beautiful typography. The kit also includes 14 fully-layered and editable files for Adobe Photoshop, enabling designers to create custom typography-style posts with ease.

While no special software is required to use Instaquote Lettering Kit, Sam recommends Photoshop so you can take advantage of the layered PSD files included in the kit. Those same files are also available as flat JPG backgrounds, and the kit includes 16 high-resolution and transparent PNG files that give you the option to use your own background elements – even without Photoshop.

Set Sail Studios currently offers 36 products through YouWorkForThem, an expressive variety of type designs to suit a countless number of projects. Visit their portfolio to see the rest of Sam’s work and bookmark it because you won’t want to miss his future additions.