We love vintage, retro, nostalgia, trips to the past. The music, art, technology, fashion, and feel of passing eras never ceases to fascinate most people, most of the time. There are plenty of theories and opinions when it comes to explaining love of retro. Many are relative. This writer bought clothing in vintage shops during a decade which turned out to be vintage itself. Who knew. And according to Lux, loving vintage has practical ramifications beyond fashions and feelings: vintage clothing was built to last, and that’s better for the environment.

Staying power, visual singularity, upbeat nostalgia. In that vein, let’s appreciate Paradise Point Inline from Swell Type. Let’s cue up Martin Denny’s Romantica and begin.

Surf’s up! Take an unforgettable adventure to the sparkling shores of Paradise Point. This font illustrates perfect synchronicity between its look and the emotive suggestions of the foundry: enchanting views, hidden wonders, surfing, exploration, beach culture the world over.

The font includes five weights, from “tranquil thin to thunderous heavy.” Two versions of each number and letter automatically rotate for a hand-drawn appearance. Light weights have round ends to simulate a single pen stroke, which matches the center of the Inline weights for a perfect pairing. Drop in a thrilling Inline weight for stylistic flair. Overlay with the matching Heavy for striking color effects. Paradise Point is a fun, lighthearted font that will add pineapple splash and sunshine to any project: branding, packaging, film titles, books, web design, social media, posters, comic books.

The California flair of Paradise Point is expected from Swell Type, considering that John Roshell created the foundry to, “create fun, friendly, functional fonts inspired by the real-world signs and scenery of California — from the Gold Rush and fruit-crate labels, to surf and skateboard culture, Silicon Valley, the aerospace industry and entertainment biz.”

John does exactly that, and the results speak for themselves. He is an award-winning artist who has designed iconic logos for Angry Bird, Black Panther, and Daredevil, to name a few. A master comic book letterer, John has won numerous “Best Letterer” awards and an Eisner Award. He additionally pioneered many of the techniques now used to letter digitally.

John Roshell, Swell Type, and Paradise Point. John’s love of his work and the state of California that inspires him comes through in everything he produces. We look forward to whatever is next from this brilliant artist. He gets it: “I love that fonts are 52 works of art that together become a practical tool.” Please explore his entire collection, and you will see that axiom realized, every single time.




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