Are you looking for a modern sans serif font for your next web project or brand? Say hello to ED Bedivere from Eko Setiawan. A sleek sans serif like ED Bedivere goes a long toward explaining how these serif-free fonts evolved from “grotesque” to being the gold standard for clean, versatile and modern.

ED Bedivere is a contemporary sans serif font with 9 styles running from Thin to Black, including Regular and Bold. When you explore the type tester, you will see ED Bedivere has exactly the right amount of creative playfulness to lend distinction without creating distraction. It has a fresh quality inherent to the design that gives a sense of “cutting edge” without it being forced. Perfectly balanced, harmonious, works well with others.

ED Bedivere was designed to be easy to combine with other fonts. It is perfect for logo design, body text, branding, posters, books, apparel, card designs, social media designs, UI/UX, or however you see fit.


ED Bedivere is one of many finely tuned products from Eko Setiawan’s Emyself Design. Eko enjoys “traveling, eating, and exploring new things.” That inquisitiveness is reflected in the collection. The featured fonts are always singular. They are all characterized by the joy of creation, of trying something new, of mastering a challenge. In their distinction, we see the addictive pleasure of converting ideas into tangible artistic results. Emyself also offers an extensive collection of photo effects, all incredibly useful. Eko Setiawan—an artist on the move.