We are excited to announce that Blackmarket Labs has chosen Northwell as their exclusive font for all of their pre-workout supplement packaging. Northwell, designed by Set Sail Studios, is the perfect font for this application; it is strong and bold, yet still maintains a level of sophistication and elegance. It is a great solution for drawing attention to Blackmarket’s high-quality products on store shelves. Thanks to flexible, corporate font licensing by YouWorkForThem, Blackmarket now has a one-of-a-kind font that will help them stand out from the competition!

As a marketing tool, the unique look of Northwell will help Blackmarket Labs’ products to pop on store shelves and online. Like most companies, Blackmarket is always looking for new ways to reach their target audience and Northwell helps them do just that. And as a company specializing in corporate font licensing and founded on graphic design, we are thrilled to have helped them.


Blackmarket Labs manufactures a custom array of premium pre-workout products, each formulated to meet their consumer’s specific needs based on their unique fitness goals and training methods. You can learn more about Blackmarket Labs and their products by visiting their website: blackmarketlabs.com

If you are interested in learning more about Northwell or other fonts from Set Sail Studios, visit their designer profile at YouWorkForThem.