While working with Great Food Affairs to properly license Veneer for their product SLABS, we had one overarching priority: get a bag of SLABS. The alluring photographs and descriptions of SLABS were absolutely perfect, and the choice of Yellow Design Studio‘s font Veneer to portray the thickest, heartiest, most delicious chip on Earth made perfect sense. Veneer is also the right choice when a food is created in a wholesome manner, exactly like SLABS. These mighty chips or crisps (depending on what side of the pond you’re on) start out as fresh, muscular potatoes that could work as Brooklyn bouncers. Then they’re hand cooked in healthy olive oil. Taken all together, SLABS is exactly the taste and message that a font like Veneer© communicates. That is why it is a premier font, chosen again and again by the global food and beverage industry.

Here at YouWorkForThem, we ultimately had to settle on a vicarious account of how SLABS taste, as this product is proudly offered in the United Kingdom. Luckily, we had seven U.K. contacts of ours get bags of SLABS and try them out. SLABS’ light sprinkling of tart sea salt reminded our tasters of the seafaring tradition, sunny beaches…and oh yeah, the perfect beverage to accompany a bag or two of SLABS. The verdict: “The greatest crisps we’ve ever had in our lives.” Unanimous. So here’s the call to our friends and partners around the world: start asking your local store to get some SLABS! Let’s go global with these bad boys, the world’s greatest crisps.


YouWorkForThem is delighted when a product as wonderful as SLABS can be encapsulated by a great design incorporating exactly the right font: Veneer© from Yellow Design Studio. Furthermore, YouWorkForThem will work with you to ensure your product or project is exactly licensed for your intended use, duration, and territory. We make sure everything is easy and correct so you can focus on your passion and your art, be it food and beverage or any other industry.

Please feel free to contact us, and we will answer your questions and get the process started for all your corporate licensing needs.



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