The Daily Mail Photoshop Effect from Pixelbuddha is absolutely miraculous: it can take a modern photograph, and return all of the retro glamour, distance, and mystique that photographs had in magazines and newspapers in the ’60s and ’70s—the incidental result of older printing technology. Same with posters. Specifically, older photo printing created a letterpress pattern of colored dots that formed the image. These Daily Mail Photoshop Effects perfectly recreate that printing style over modern images.

The result is precise replication of how older images could smack of pop art or seem cozier, and their subjects seemed mythic and larger-than-life. It’s an absolutely brilliant idea realized, with immense potential for advertising, branding, packaging, art projects, social media, visual identity, music promo, book covers, and more. This is especially true right now, as it taps into the current popular fascination with all things 1960s and 1970s. Daily Mail Printer Photoshop Effects will be a heavy hitter in your retro vintage arsenal.

Add warmth, depth, and timelessness to your images with this fabulous effect. Adding a 1970s vintage feel to a product looks great and taps into the warmer end of the emotional spectrum. Additionally, photographs treated with this effect evoke established, experienced, above-the-fray, timeless, uncommon, classy: all great concepts to attach to your product, service, or project. Please see the product page for Daily Mail Photoshop Effects for more information and the technical details. It’s a must-have.


A fantastic vintage printer Photoshop effect like this comes to us, of course, from the superstars at Pixelbuddha. The quickest perusal of their 221 products will make it abundantly clear why they are one of our favorite design teams. When you see the creative, user-friendly, super-fun products they offer, we guarantee your quick perusal will be followed by a long, slow meander through their entire product line. Creating premium tools for the design community is what they do: Photoshop effects, Procreate brushes, design mockups, text effects, iPad Pro drawing tools, Adobe Photoshop Brushes, and more. Easy to use, effective, high quality: one word encapsulates all of the above, and it’s Pixelbuddha.