If you’re looking for a powerhouse font with a dark, hard-hitting techno beat, here it is: Huben. This beast sits on top of extended width, and features a dense kern and heavy looks. Its structural solidity makes it ideal to pair with body text in basic sans serif typefaces. Huben delivers a heavyweight punch, making it perfect for headlines, titles, film titles, posters, large-format prints and signage, social media, graphic design, digital artwork, and more. For example, Huben’s muscular look makes it a great sports font, and its modern appearance is also excellent to introduce innovative technologies or to update a corporate identity. Huben rocks hard, so put it to work for you today.


Huben is presented by Minor Praxis, a studio that guarantees Major Impact. Based in Indonesia, Minor Praxis specializes in cool, modern fonts that are useful across the board. Consider the elegant strength of Neugen for instance, a font inspired by retro movies and theatre display design. Splash it across your next artsy poster. Or consider the classy intelligence of Ingram Mono—you can’t go wrong with a well-executed sans serif font. Or go a bit wilder with the LED-lamp inspired Delko, a font both futuristic and retro. Whatever the look or mood, Minor Praxis and its founder Rully Prayogi have something for you.