Bla Bla is a contemporary serif typeface inspired by brutalism, featuring large open counters and attractive, rounded forms. Organic curves with their gentle repetitions create a powerful and harmonious effect. This stylish modern family is perfect for communication and branding projects. Bla Bla evokes elegance and class, while at the same time, a rough-hewn strength. As such, it has broad marketing potential across categories. Bla Bla is ideal for visual identity, social media, branding, package design, luxury goods, fashion, posters, museums, publishing, titles, logo design, educational materials—anywhere you need strength, sophistication, and distinction.


Bla Bla is from Paul Henry Robb and the S6 Foundry. Based in Italy, S6 is an independent contemporary digital type foundry crafting retail typefaces for use in digital and print applications. Robb graduated from Ulster University in 1993; in 2000 he moved to Perugia where he founded the Salt & Pepper foundry with Moira Bartoloni. In 2020 he founded S6. The foundry is exemplary at striking a balance between creative designs and technology. Paul Robb clients include CNN, Armando Testa, Apple TV, Mesauda, the Umbria Film Commission, Synge & Byrne, Moretti Compact, Regione Umbria—to name just a few. Robb is a Professor of Graphic Design at the University of Perugia and the Academia of Perugia. His work has been exhibited globally, and his poster designs are featured in several permanent museum collections.

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