Rinjani is an all-caps sans serif with a “vintage futuristic art-deco touch,” as described by the designer. In other words, Rinjani recalls what people in the 1930s thought “futuristic” might look like, realized in the then ultra-contemporary art-deco style. As such, Rinjani recalls Euro-American signage and advertising from that era, while integrating the smoothness of a modern clean sans serif. Rinjani is perfect for visual identity, logo design, branding, package design, posters, magazine titles, social media posts, digital artwork, educational materials, retro film titles, art projects, and more. It is beautiful in both digital and print. Additionally, Rinjani’s wide-stretch glyphs can be used to add commanding distinction to your designs. Visit the glyphs page to explore this feature, along with striking discretionary ligatures. With 348 glyphs in all, Rinjani offers a world of opportunity.

Rinjani’s designer Kurt Harahap specializes in attractive, relatable display fonts that lend brand distinction. Harahap’s collection is unified by a rosy warmth, scents of coffee and cinnamon, crackling fireplaces—an approachability that will lend your brand instant familiarity, comfort, a sense of “established.” At the slicker end of things, we’re liking the diamond dazzle of the Elegant Karin Font, so perfect for branding projects, logo design, clothing branding, product packaging, magazine headers, or as a stylish text overlay. On the rugged, cozier end of the spectrum, both the decorative font The Brewski Textured and the vintage sans serif Northwest are talking to us about flannel and denim, small batch whiskey, intimate cafes, western films—anywhere you want down-to-earth grit in your project, brand, or corporate image. Consider the entire Harahap collection. It does not disappoint.