It’s time once again to jump on the SilverStag, grab the horns and gallop! Today it’s the marvelous French Chateaux. Another Stag design inspired by France, you can see French architecture, vintage typefaces, modern shapes, fashion, and the globally revered French lifestyle in this fantastic font. French Chateaux includes over 35 chic ligatures! “Its contrast lines and curves will give your design that chic and modern appeal you are looking for,” says Stag. French Chateau is perfect for logo design, branding projects, posters, social media, package design, visual identity, publishing, digital artwork, educational materials, book design, music promo, and more. This gorgeous display font illustrates, yet again, the astounding force that is SilverStag!


SilverStag rocks. It’s that simple. A dry fact needing no exclamation point. The designer states, “I love to get lost, lost in unknown places, lost in innovative design, and lost on Pinterest.” Getting lost is a type of freedom, a way to force yourself out of your comfort zone and discover new things. It’s creative liberation, a special artistic solitude, whether it’s in unknown streets or breaking boundaries in graphic design. People are going mad right now for SilverStag’s bubbly Youth Mojito, and we’re quietly loving the stylish sans serif font Celine. SilverStag excels at memorable, hard hitting display fonts, and also offers broad social media templates like Elodie. SilverStag has personality, a swaggering confidence, an appealing devil-may-care languor. This innate coolness is reflected across the entire SilverStag collection. It is a wonder, and lethally effective.

And remember, if you end up publishing your designs on Instagram, tag SilverStag! They will make sure to showcase your design and work to thier audience as well!