Enhance your graphic design work today with our new website features! - 1

We just updated our website today with heaps of enhancements and performance overhauls to make the browsing experience better for all users. Some changes you might not actually see visually, but behind doors we’ve reduced page load times even more; right now we’re working on improving the mobile experience as well. Below is a quick list of features that not only customers will see, but also if you are a designer on YouWorkForThem.


New at YouWorkForThem

  • migration to new server architecture and php7 (implementation now complete across all systems, blogs, etc)
  • product pages and slideshows have been optimized for faster load times
  • Our font finding tool Fontpath has been optimized with numerous updates and enhancements, it’s lightning fast now.
  • we have added support for Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated stock photos! Now when a designer uploads anything where an AI software/application was used to create the image (Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, etc), they have the ability to define that. As a customer, you will see this stated in the product description area. Example can be seen here on this “AI Distortions 2 Stock Photo” photo, a free stock image download.
  • Download free AI generated stock images! Under the name Machina, you can now download hundreds of AI generated stock images that we have been creating. We will continue to be posting to this designer profile over time as well, so keep a look out for new uploads.
  • better stability with Dropbox sync and product downloads was deployed this week.
  • Search has been added to each designers profile, so you can better find content by a specific designer on our site. For example, here is a result for “Metaverse” on the designer Jacub Lund’s profile.
  • design updates to foundries, designers and photographers listing pages.
  • YouWorkForThem is now on YouTube, subscribe to us today!
  • YouWorkForThem on Pinterest is now an official merchant (blue check) account, with 10+ million page views a month.

In development

  • An outline to improve search on our site is planned out and currently being developed. We hope to bring better ways to find products and content on our site by the start of next year, stay tuned as we fine tune this.
  • many, many other things, but top secret for now ;)
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