Here are seven magical Christmas fonts for your upcoming design projects, hand-picked and gift-wrapped with bows for your pleasure. When it comes Christmas-themed materials, fonts can make all the difference! This Christmas, when many are tightening their belts, the good cheer we evoke with warm, holiday designs doesn’t just promote projects—it warms hearts and brings smiles. So whether you’re marketing your business on social media or sending an invite for a holiday party, your project’s typeface should reflect the festive season.

From chic and sophisticated serifs to cute and wholesome scripts, our list has something for every Christmas design project. Boldly experiment with fonts ranging from fancy cursive fonts to sans-serifs. Selecting fonts that capture the holiday spirit will help create a beautiful piece full of cheer, whatever the project. We are very proud of this list, here are the seven lovely Christmas fonts:


Happy Christmas Font

The joyous curves of Happy Christmas are instantly recognizable as a traditional Christmas font—you’d know that even without the Happy Christmas name. You can hear the carols, smell the food, feel the hugs. Fresh pine fills the air as a freshly cut tree is dragged in from outside, bringing crisp winter air. Happy Christmas is a perfect calligraphy font for holiday branding, package design, cards, invitations, logo design, holiday promotions, social media campaigns, and more. Bring the Christmas cheer with Happy Christmas!



Merona Island Holiday Font

Merona Island font is for Christmas’s sophisticated high end, the Christmas of white lights at night, cold stars, mink coats, and gift-wrapped perfumes. This elegant, sophisticated font is a classic decorative font with a hint of sleek modernity. Merona Island is ideal for luxury goods, branding projects, packaging design, logo design, marketing campaigns, cards and invitations, and more. Lend a historic and timeless touch to your Christmas designs with Merona Island.



The Folkin Decorative Font

The Folkin is a decorative font full of deep retro vibes. This is the Christmas of elves, folklore, an evil winter princess patrolling her domain in a black sleigh. But it’s also warm, the red glow of a fireplace as tree-dwelling elves serve you hot chocolate. The Folkin is ideal for cards and invitations, poster design, holiday marketing campaigns, packaging design, logo design, social media campaigns, and more.



YWFT Wheatgrass Handwriting Font

YWFT Wheatgrass is a friendly handwritten font with wholesome, tasty vibes. It has an inviting, relatable hand-drawn appeal that is perfect for the holiday season. It is delicious snacks offered from a well-laid table, and the beautifully adorned letter to—or from—Santa. The approachable, organic warmth of YWFT Wheatgrass is ideal for cards and invitations, social media holiday marketing campaigns, package design, logo design, holiday speciality brands, and more.



Leonard Typeface

Leonard will add modern dash to your holiday messaging. This modern script font is bold, fluid, and smooth, evoking energy, fun, and universal kid-appeal. Leonard is a brush script that is ideal for package design, poster design, branding projects, logo design, social media, and more. Leonard’s upbeat vibe is perfect for Christmas, and its smooth, rolling lines say toboggans and snowballs. Add Leonard to your holiday plate today!



Luminaire Holiday Script Font

The Luminaire Script font is jaunty and smooth, with elegant flow and smooth execution. It has a modern, sporting quality, but also hints at 1950s retro—the perfect vintage vibe for old-time Christmas movies, snowmen, and traditional scenes of families gathered around the fire or tree. Let this casual, coolly delivered font add charm to your cards and invitations, branding projects, package designs, social media posts, and more. Luminaire is a classic blend of hand-drawn skill and digital ease—put it to work today to the sound of Bing Crosby and the sweet taste of eggnog.



Causten Round

Causten Round is a geometric sans serif with a friendly, chic vibe. Causten’s smooth lines and impeccable, clean design make it highly legible and inviting. It is perfect for when you want your holiday message to be visible and clear with a hint of warmth provided by soft curves. Clear and approachable in any weight, Causten Round is perfect for distinct holiday messaging, cards and invitations, brand identity, corporate communications, poster design, books and magazines, logo design, and more.



The Dickens’s Fairytale Christmas Font Bundle

We close our Christmas collection big, with the display font equivalent of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. The Dickens’s Fairytale is a classic font duo that makes a strong holiday statement. This aptly named fancy font evokes ghosts of Christmas past and the season’s generosity of the spirit. Christmas stories and carols, family gatherings, friends welcomed in from the cold. This gorgeous, classic font pairing is full of vintage vibes and holiday warmth. The Dickens’s Fairytale is superb for branding projects, holiday marketing campaigns, advertising, package design, logo design, cards and invitations, poster design, films and books, social media posts, and more. Presented by Vintage Voyage Design, The Dickens’s Fairytale is part of a larger collection of display fonts that can be mixed and matched in endless harmonious pairings. Give yourself a Christmas gift and check out the entire Vintage Voyage collection.


YouWorkForThem wishes you all a very Merry Christmas, whether you spend it designing or relaxing with friends and family. It is difficult to find the words to express the gratitude we have to our designers, customers, and casual visitors to our site—our sentiments go far beyond what we can express by offering a Christmas font collection. But we hope that these images, your creations, and the sentiments you share with your nearest and dearest all come together to make for a joyous Christmas season and Happy New Year. YouWorkForThem wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

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Cover graphic uses Christmas Festivity Graphics for the background pattern in the design.