Crime Boss: Rockay City from 505 Games will be unleashed on March 28, 2023, and it looks like it’s going to be a wild ride. Crime Boss is an insanely realistic organized crime game full of first-person action and turf wars, and it’s playable alone or with friends. Set in the ’90s, this astonishing interactive work of art brings that decade to life with familiar faces and vibes. It is a marvel of digital art, science, aesthetics, story-telling, and hardcore fun. When choosing the perfect font for this coldblooded masterpiece, 505 Games needed something similarly cold, hard, and straight to the point. Something vividly legible, tough, clean, and muscular: Visby CF from Connary Fagen is exactly that font.

Visby is a geometric font, “inspired by by the stark beauty and crisp air of the Arctic North.” With its hard lines and sharp corners, and strong, authoritative demeanour, Visby CF melded perfectly with 505’s vision of hard, nocturnal streets and adrenalin-infused battles. Visby CF and Crime Boss: Rockay City go together perfectly.


YouWorkForThem was proud to collaborate with Milan-based game publisher 505 Games to help them realize their vision. YouWorkForThem listened carefully to what 505 Games needed in terms of budget, marketing, reach, and overall objectives to further ensure Visby CF was properly licensed. Taking steps in advance to make sure the licensing aspects of creativity are properly handled maximizes freedom, stops hassles before they start, and helps projects reach their full potential.

YouWorkForThem was delighted to work with 505 Games in this respect, and welcome any questions or inquires from creatives and corporations regarding both he artistic and licensing aspects of their work. We invite your partnerships!

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