SK Synonym Grotesk is a geometric neo-grotesk typeface with versatility and aesthetic charm. Influenced by Swiss type design and Helvetica, this grotesque font has been adapted to modern digital design realities. Its sturdy, simple structure is characterized by angular joints that accent the details. SK Synonym uses a strict geometric and stable construction combined with organic, lively forms.

The result is an unusual, attractive aesthetic. SK Synonym Grotesk offers a broad variety of design tools, including OpenType alternatives and a wide range of styles from Thin to Black. This modern grotesque is multilingual, supporting more than 40 languages including Extended Latin and Cyrillic sets. SK Synonym includes more than 450 characters.


The Shriftovik Type Foundry‘s philosophy, “is to promote font culture in Eastern European countries, develop and improve Cyrillic languages, and create completely new experimental typefaces.” In Shriftovik, we see aspects of Eastern European culture and history that are both harsh and cool, excessive and ascetic. We see brutalist architecture’s strange allure: we adore objects we aren’t sure we should, whether they are one-of-a-kind bizarre or uniform to the point of dystopian.


Consider the hard lines of the constructivist sans serif SK Shriftovik, or the super-powerful modern geometric display typeface SK Shpala. Inspired by railways, this display font will take you places and works as modern alternative to Helvetica font. We hope you consider the entire brilliant and original Shriftovik collection, as it illustrates a deep understanding and appreciation of the past, which they reinvent in cutting-edge modern designs unlike anything else. Shriftovik excels in products for package design, branding, logo design, display fonts, digital artwork, publishing, educational materials, and more.

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