YWFT Ultramagnetic: This is the bold, smooth West Elm font choice for the global home decor retail chain, in its worldwide marketing and branding efforts. Whether it’s in-store displays, social media, or their corporate website in WebFont format, this font is integral to West Elm’s global success.

Known internally as “Ultramag,” this font carries the emblem of YouWorkForThem’s excellence, boasting an inherent dual nature that is both “soft and gothic.” YWFT Ultramagnetic, a harmonious blend of contrasting characteristics, is the fruit of extensive research, meticulous craftsmanship, and years of iterative refinement. This versatility makes it a perfect fit for diverse contexts, from the subtle sophistication of an upscale retail store to the edgy boldness of a contemporary digital platform.


At its core, YWFT Ultramagnetic embodies a symphony of typographic excellence, a testament to the power of fonts in shaping narratives, eliciting emotions, and capturing the essence of a brand. Its popularity among YouWorkForThem’s exclusive offerings is unquestionable, having dominated our Top Ten list for years, with much of its reign at the coveted Number One position.

West Elm, the global home decor retail chain, has found in YWFT Ultramagnetic a reliable partner for its worldwide branding and marketing. Its selection of Ultramag is a compelling case study in the art and science of typography, demonstrating how a well-chosen font can become an integral part of a brand’s identity, and in turn, its success. The font’s bold yet smooth personality mirrors West Elm’s ethos, a synergy that brings consistency and cohesiveness to their visual communications, be it in-store, online, or on social media platforms.

In the realm of graphic design, the importance of a typeface like YWFT Ultramagnetic cannot be overstated. It stands as a shining example of how thoughtful design, powered by an understanding of a brand’s core values, can create a lasting impact. It’s this blend of artistry, understanding, and strategic deployment that has seen Ultramag become a stalwart in the world of typography, and an influential player in the graphic design industry.



In addition to the ongoing use by West Elm, YWFT Ultramagnetic has been used by Harley Davidson, Starbucks, The Disney Channel, Best Buy, Nike, Wired Magazine and Architecture Magazine, to name a few, and its timeless impact will no doubt serve for years to come. If you’re in need of custom branding, look no further than YouWorkForThem for all of your simplified font licensing needs.

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