Groteskly Yours Studio brings us the captivating “Resist Sans,” a free-spirited grotesque font that perfectly balances the innate desire for rebellion and a tendency towards uniformity. This versatile grotesque font showcases a neat, minimalist look while emphasizing the individuality of each letter form. The name “Resist Sans” itself hints at the typeface’s rebellious nature.

Resist Sans is available in 28 styles and two versions—Display and Text. Each version comes in seven weights, making it incredibly adaptable for various design applications. The Display version, with its smooth and consistent appearance, is ideal for larger sizes and headlines. On the other hand, Resist Text features deep ink traps and optical compensators, which enhance legibility at smaller sizes.

Each of the two versions of Resist Sans boasts matching Obliques, bringing the total number of styles to 28. Every style contains over 900 glyphs, numerous useful OpenType features, and around 1,500 kerning pairs. This impressive collection ensures that Resist Sans can tackle any design project with ease.

Moreover, Resist Sans is a truly multilingual grotesque font, supporting most European and Latin languages. With its Extended Cyrillic feature, Resist Sans accommodates languages such as Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Russian, Macedonian, and many more.



Groteskly Yours Studio, founded by Eugene Tantsurin and Anna Remm in 2019, is the creative force behind Resist Sans. Tantsurin, a Communication Arts graduate from Bangkok University, found his true passion in graphic design and typography. An avid coffee drinker, bicycle enthusiast, dog lover, and film buff, Tantsurin teams up with Remm to create stunning typography.

Explore the vast and versatile world of Resist Sans through its glyphs page, and experience the myriad stylistic choices this grotesque font offers. From headlines and posters to smaller text sizes, Resist Sans remains highly legible and full of character. We eagerly await more innovative creations from Groteskly Yours Studio!


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