Unveiling the Aveda Font Strategy: The Role of YouWorkForThem - 1

Aveda is known worldwide for their natural, sustainable health and beauty products, and their marketing and packaging designs are just as impactful as their esteem in the marketplace. With well-established branding that is already familiar to their millions of customers around the globe, they need to carefully choose complementary additions to their visual “family,” and that’s why YouWorkForThem was the obvious choice for them.

Four fonts caught their attention and have become major factors in Aveda’s branding pantheon, acting as signature elements on Aveda product packaging and marketing. First but not least, showcasing the glorious motion and fluidity that only the ball serif can bring: Hera Big, from Sharp Type Corporation. YouWorkForThem’s own YWFT Isanti brings the hand-lettered calligraphic charm. The hand-inked oeuvre of Canadian script ninjas BLKBK is a familiar sight in the health and beauty space, and Black Marble brings the bold “love.” Crystal Sky from the awesome Set Sail Studios always shines with its clean & classy hand-lettered signature style.

Unveiling the Aveda Font Strategy: The Role of YouWorkForThem - 2

Working closely with Estée Lauder and Aveda personnel in order to craft a custom license agreement, YouWorkForThem was able to successfully negotiate the complex requirements that both sides of the company required in order to extend licensing for these four fonts across multiple uses, including video, product packaging, web font and internal development use, with custom language that satisfied all parties.

Unveiling the Aveda Font Strategy: The Role of YouWorkForThem - 3

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