Evoking the spirit of bygone eras, the chunky and popular Cooper Black font brings a retro touch to your designs. Oswald Bruce Cooper initially crafted this typeface, ideal for headlines and logotypes, and larger body copy. While Cooper Black stands out with its unique playful and vintage aesthetic, many other fonts share these qualities.

Whether you’re looking to create a vintage design or give your project an edgy, retro feel, there are multiple options available at YouWorkForThem. We’ve compiled this collection of 20+ Cooper Black Font alternatives, and in this blog post we are highlighting 4 of those typefaces.

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Chunk Black Font by Emil Bertell

Chunk Black is the perfect font for anyone who wants to have an old-fashioned, trustworthy look. It features rounded serifs while still maintaining a modern feel, making it easy on your viewer’s eyes. With 87 alternate characters via OpenType, you’ll be able use this timeless typeface anywhere from social media to broadcast, etc.



Garbata Font by Zetafonts

Garbata is a fresh take on the old classic. It takes its design cues from historical styles like Windsor and Cooper, but mixing them up with some quirky sloped letters for an unusual yet magnificent look. In 2020 designer Francesco Canovaro set out to create a typeface that would be timeless and elegant.



Wonder Font by Emil Bertell

Wonder is the perfect typeface for when you want to add some life and character into your retro design works. With its juicy serifs that are both rustic yet contemporary, this bold font family has a deliciously organic feel without sacrificing any versatility or cleanliness. No matter what kind of project you are working on, Wonder has an approachable yet sophisticated style that will work well in any context.



Mamba Font by W Type Foundry

Mamba is a heavy and retro serif font that has was originally inspired by Cooper Black. It contains 2 styles, Regular with its simple yet strong versatility for your next design project or marketing endeavor. Also included is an Oblique option, which can be used to create unique logos and or as sub text to a headline.


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So there you have it! Four examples from our top Cooper Black Font Alternatives collection that are sure to give your next project that extra edge. Be sure to check out the rest of our collection for even more vintage fonts.

Cover photo is “Attractive Hippie Girl at Music Festival” by Jacob Lund, available now for download!

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