The Artistry Behind TT Espina

Picture a font that marries romantic allure with modern sophistication. A font that is bold yet delicate, contemporary yet timeless. Meet TT Espina, a chic font that is reshaping the landscape of typography.

Crafted by TypeType, TT Espina is a splendid display antiqua that dances on the line between the past and the present. Its inspiration roots in the historical diamond-shaped letter ‘O’, a legacy that resonates in its design. The designers at TypeType reimagined this classic silhouette, creating a trendy typeface that harmonizes high contrast between horizontals and verticals. The result is a chic font that radiates a delicate elegance through its notably slender characters.

But TT Espina isn’t just about elegance—it’s also about versatility. Its unique character lends itself to a multitude of applications. From headlines, posters, and billboards to galleries and exhibitions, TT Espina stands tall. It’s a romantic font that’s equally at home in the realm of web design, packaging, logo design, and branding. Whether it’s for Instagram posts, a visual identity project, or publishing, TT Espina is your go-to fashionable font.


Behind the Scenes: TypeType Studio

TypeType, the creative force behind TT Espina, is a studio that prides itself on continuous improvement. Founded in 2013 by Ivan Gladkikh and Alexander Kudryavtsev, the studio has grown exponentially. Today, it’s a vibrant hub of over 30 creative, technical, and commercial professionals.

TypeType’s commitment to crafting high-class fonts is reflected in their impressive client base. Their mission, in their own words, is “to create and distribute only well-drawn, rigorously tested, and highly optimized fonts that are accessible to a wide range of users.” A mission they accomplish, time and again.


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Through the years, we’ve seen the trends come and go. We’ve seen the evolution of font design from romantic captions to sophisticated lettering. But one thing has remained constant—our commitment to providing high-quality design resources. So whether you’re a graphic designer seeking a stylish font, an advertising agency in search of a contemporary stylish font, or a creative artist looking for a unique typeface, trust YouWorkForThem to deliver. Try TT Espina today and elevate your design to the next level.

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