Jive Talk and Air New Zealand: A Connection Forged in Typography

Corporate branding hinges largely on typography selection, which silently yet strongly portrays a brand’s persona. This subtle tool can shift perceptions and emotions quietly. Air New Zealand embarked on a quest for the ideal handwriting font. This journey led them to Jive Talk, a unique and engaging typeface licensed from YouWorkForThem.

Back in 2016, Air New Zealand took the step to embrace the lively and dynamic Jive Talk font for their ‘Grab a Seat‘ campaign. A masterstroke in their branding strategy, the airline opted for this unique handwriting font for both desktop and web applications, along with broadcasting usage. The campaign’s main promotional content was crafted in this vacation font, giving it a refreshing, carefree, and inviting appeal. The travel font conveyed a message of adventure and exploration, perfectly in line with the airline’s brand ethos.



The Continual Success Story: Jive Talk Font and Air New Zealand

The initial triumph of the ‘Grab a Seat’ campaign marked just the start of the Jive Talk font’s odyssey with Air New Zealand. Noticing the brush script font’s potency in capturing their brand’s essence, the airline persistently renewed the desktop extensions. Since then, the Jive Talk font has risen to become a pivotal element in their promotional endeavors. The font style, reminiscent of handwriting, strikes a chord with the viewers. Furthermore, its appeal rests in its approachable and relatable aesthetics, thereby making it a prime choice for travel-themed typography.



Jive Talk: The Perfect Handwriting Font for Air New Zealand

The Jive Talk font, without a doubt, has revolutionized Air New Zealand’s branding, encapsulating the brand’s spirit of adventure, warmth, and approachability. By virtue of its script font style, it radiates a sense of friendliness and informality, thereby dovetailing impeccably with the airline’s customer-centric approach. In essence, the beauty of the Jive Talk font resides in its adaptability. Furthermore, as a writing font that articulates the dialect of wanderlust, it stands out as the optimal airline font for any travel enterprise.


YouWorkForThem: A Reliable Partner in Corporate Font Licensing

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