“Drop”, the electrifying hacker/cyberpunk thriller game, is a testament to the power of well-chosen visual elements, including the all-important video game font. Understanding the crucial role that design plays in the gaming experience, Etherfield Studio meticulously selected every aspect of “Drop“, right down to the ideal font for their game’s UI/UX.

Etherfield Studio selected Kleyn by Reghardt Grobbelaar as the perfect fit for “Drop.” With its wide range of 370 glyphs and bitmap/tech style, Kleyn effectively conveys the cyberpunk theme and future-retro aesthetic while maintaining readability and high quality.

With the help of YouWorkForThem, Etherfield also formulated the perfect font licensing solution to support their objectives: cost-effective, secure, and precisely aligned with their marketing plans.


The Significance of Font Licensing for Your Video Game Company

Having the right font license is essential for any video game company looking to create and market an engaging and memorable gaming experience. Choosing the right font impacts a game’s overall theme, tone, and aesthetic. It is additionally critical that the font’s licensing accurately addresses a company’s marketing plans, intended use, and intended markets. This is critical to avoid potential legal issues.


Font Licensing Solutions from YouWorkForThem

Licensing fonts can be a challenging and costly process for game companies. That’s why Etherfield turned to YouWorkForThem (YWFT) for help. YWFT specializes in providing creative professionals with affordable and reliable font licensing solutions, and worked with Etherfield to secure the correct license for Kleyn at an affordable cost.

By working with YouWorkForThem, Etherfield Studio ensured that their hit game “Drop” is a visually stunning experience. You can also maximize your video game’s impact by partnering with YWFT. We offer custom font solutions and secure licensing options to help take your video game to the next level.



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