The revolution in the design world has begun! AI, an acronym that needs no introduction, is leaving an indelible mark across industries. In the realm of art and design, it has opened up unimaginable creative avenues, from AI-generated text to mind blowing Midjourney art and custom Stable Diffusion models. At the heart of this evolution is the tool of AI Training, using stock art to foster and guide machine learning algorithms. Here at YouWorkForThem, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our AI Training Stock Art License, a groundbreaking feature designed to open up the world of AI art to you.


A License Tailored for the Future of Design

AI has radically altered our creative landscape. The advent of AI artworks, AI image training, and AI art generators has not only changed how we perceive and interact with art but also how we create it. For designers and artists venturing into this exciting new frontier, the right licensing framework is crucial.

Enter the AI Training Stock Art License, a specialized license extension tailored to meet the evolving needs of AI-driven design. This license allows you to use our vast collection of stock art to train your AI system, whether it’s third-party software, open source projects, or innovative applications like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.


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A Comprehensive Licensing Solution

The AI Training Extension focuses on the use of stock art in AI training. For other commercial pursuits, we provide different license extensions like "Large Volume Commercial" or "Items for Resale."


Uncharted Territory? We've Got Your Back

As you explore AI's exciting world in design, we know you may have unique needs or questions. Our team stands ready to guide you through the licensing process, ensuring legal and correct stock art use. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance. We're just a message away.


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Designers, Here’s How to Enable the AI Training License

For the creators in our design community, enabling this new licensing option on your products is straightforward. All you need to do is log in to your designer account, visit the Settings area, and look for the "AI Training License" section. To activate the option, simply toggle the button to on (green). It's an opt-in feature, providing you the flexibility to decide its application on your work.


Your Journey into AI Art Starts Here at YouWorkForThem

At YouWorkForThem, our mission has always been to provide the design community with the tools they need to create and innovate. With our AI Training Stock Art License, we're extending this commitment into the fascinating world of AI-generated art. With more than 20 years of serving digital designers and a solid commitment to providing a seamless and rewarding purchase experience, we are excited to support you on this revolutionary path. After all, AI isn't just about technology, it's about the incredible artworks and designs you can create with it.

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