The 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships, a globally celebrated event in the sport of cycling, embraced a unique and vibrant twist this year. YouWorkForThem, a leader in the world of typography, stepped into the spotlight by licensing the Play Time font, designed by the talented BLKBK foundry, for this prestigious event. The Play Time font, known for its informal script style, injected a fresh and youthful vibe into the championships, perfectly mirroring the dynamism and spirit of competitive cycling. This collaboration marked a significant moment where the elegance of typography met the exhilaration of sports.

Understanding the vast scale and international audience of the UCI event, YouWorkForThem provided a comprehensive extended licensing for the Play Time font. This crucial decision ensured the font’s adaptability across various platforms and media types, including broadcasting, streaming, and digital branding. The extended licensing was a testament to YouWorkForThem’s commitment to offering versatile and far-reaching typographic solutions, catering to an event that was watched and celebrated around the globe.


The Distinctive Style of Play Time Font

The Play Time font, with its unique informal script, brought a distinctive and engaging aesthetic to the UCI World Championships. Its application was widespread, gracing everything from broadcast transitions to event screens, and playing a pivotal role in the online branding of the event. This font’s youthful and lively style resonated with the essence of the World Championships – a celebration of vigor, competition, and the unyielding spirit of cyclists. The choice of Play Time by YouWorkForThem showcased a deep understanding of the event’s ethos, ensuring that every textual element conveyed excitement and energy.

The 2023 World Championships in Glasgow were not just about the sports; they were also a platform for showcasing innovative design and typography. The Play Time font, in all its informal script glory, became a visual hallmark of the event, enhancing the viewer’s experience and leaving a lasting impression. Its presence was especially notable during the broadcast transitions and on event screens, where it added an extra layer of dynamism and flair. The success of Play Time at the event underscored the importance of choosing the right font to elevate a brand’s identity and message, a specialty of YouWorkForThem.

YouWorkForThem’s Expertise in Corporate Licensing

YouWorkForThem’s collaboration for the UCI event highlights the company’s expertise in providing customized corporate licensing solutions. We cater to unique project demands, whether it’s designing a custom font from scratch, altering existing licenses, or creating new ones for specific needs. Our ability to adapt and tailor solutions for corporate clients sets us apart in the world of typography and design.

This approach to corporate licensing is particularly evident in the case of the UCI World Championships (follow them on Instagram). By offering extended licensing for the Play Time font, YouWorkForThem ensured that the font’s use was compliant with the various legal and practical requirements across different countries and media platforms. This level of customization and flexibility is what makes YouWorkForThem a preferred partner for organizations looking to make a significant impact with their branding and design.

Should you require extended commercial and corporate use of fonts or graphics, do not hesitate to contact us today; we are here to tailor solutions that perfectly fit your project’s needs.