Eveleth’s Font Style: A Key to Prego’s Success
In the dynamic field of design, the right font style frequently emerges as the secret sauce, the magic touch that endows a brand with its distinctive identity. Amidst the myriad of typefaces, Eveleth Font from Yellow Design Studio uniquely stands out, lending an air of authentic nostalgia and vintage charm. Consequently, this post delves deeper, examining how the Eveleth typeface was instrumental in revitalizing the brand identity of Prego Farmer's Market sauces.   The Charm of
Jive Talk: Air New Zealand’s Preferred Handwriting Font
Jive Talk and Air New Zealand: A Connection Forged in Typography Corporate branding hinges largely on typography selection, which silently yet strongly portrays a brand's persona. This subtle tool can shift perceptions and emotions quietly. Air New Zealand embarked on a quest for the ideal handwriting font. This journey led them to Jive Talk, a unique and engaging typeface licensed from YouWorkForThem. Back in 2016, Air New Zealand took the step to embrace the lively and dynamic Jive Talk
Kleyn: The Video Game Font Powering Etherfield Studio’s ‘Drop’
"Drop", the electrifying hacker/cyberpunk thriller game, is a testament to the power of well-chosen visual elements, including the all-important video game font. Understanding the crucial role that design plays in the gaming experience, Etherfield Studio meticulously selected every aspect of "Drop", right down to the ideal font for their game's UI/UX. Etherfield Studio selected Kleyn by Reghardt Grobbelaar as the perfect fit for "Drop." With its wide range of 370 glyphs and bitmap/tech
Unveiling the Aveda Font Strategy: The Role of YouWorkForThem
Aveda is known worldwide for their natural, sustainable health and beauty products, and their marketing and packaging designs are just as impactful as their esteem in the marketplace. With well-established branding that is already familiar to their millions of customers around the globe, they need to carefully choose complementary additions to their visual “family,” and that’s why YouWorkForThem was the obvious choice for them. Four fonts caught their attention and have become major
YWFT Ultramagnetic: The West Elm Font for Global Success
YWFT Ultramagnetic: This is the bold, smooth West Elm font choice for the global home decor retail chain, in its worldwide marketing and branding efforts. Whether it's in-store displays, social media, or their corporate website in WebFont format, this font is integral to West Elm's global success. Known internally as "Ultramag," this font carries the emblem of YouWorkForThem's excellence, boasting an inherent dual nature that is both "soft and gothic." YWFT Ultramagnetic, a harmonious blend
The Half-Life Alyx Font, Designed by YouWorkForThem
  A Creative Collaboration for the Gaming World As a creative brand with a warm and friendly approach, YouWorkForThem has been at the forefront of providing design resources for designers for over 20 years. In this post, we're going to take a closer look at our collaboration with Valve Corporation to design the Half-Life Alyx font, and the unique challenges and opportunities it presented. Valve Corporation, synonymous with gaming, is the creator of Steam, a content distribution
Flextrack chooses YouWorkForthem for Corporate Stock Art Licensing Solution
When Flextrack approached marketing agency Iris looking for a singular image that encapsulated troves of modern concepts, corporate purposes, and emotional wavelengths, Iris was ready: they licensed Chroma Supply's Spin - Dynamic 3D Shape Graphics from YouWorkForThem. YouWorkForThem collaborated with all parties to ensure the correct stock art related licensing plan was in place for this amazing imagery. Flextrack is on the cutting edge of creating and improving systems that allow
The Video Game Font Powering Xbox’s Fall Guys Promotion   Mudstone: The Perfect Video Game Font for Xbox's Holiday Campaign When we first began working with 215 McCann on their Holiday Campaign for Xbox, it became clear that our Mudstone font would be the perfect addition to their creative vision. Mudstone, a retro font that is also a versatile typeface and video game font, encompasses a playful spirit that the campaign sought to capture. Our collaboration with 215 McCann and Xbox allowed us to showcase the
Google Chooses YouWorkForThem Fonts for “Hacking Google” Series
Google recently partnered with YouWorkForThem to license the font Crypt for a role in their online YouTube series "Hacking Google." The font, which is perfect for conveying a sense of mystery and intrigue, helped to enhance the series' when it was used. YouWorkForThem was happy to provide Google with affordable and flexible corporate font licensing options that covered all of their requirements for the series. We took the time to understand the unique needs of their project and provided
How YouWorkForThem Fonts Can Transform Your Financial Marketing
INNOCEAN's latest ad campaign, DAOL Money Perfume, flawlessly executed their concept of classic banking secrecy by partnering with YouWorkForThem to acquire the perfect font. Chevalier (URW Type Foundry) was carefully chosen for it’s ability evoke trust and stability that only comes from well-established finance institutions. The impactful typeface conveyed power and security in a visual way amidst other elements such as dark bank vaults and men dressed in suits - all necessary components
505 Games Licenses Visby Font for Crime Boss: Rockay City
Crime Boss: Rockay City from 505 Games will be unleashed on March 28, 2023, and it looks like it's going to be a wild ride. Crime Boss is an insanely realistic organized crime game full of first-person action and turf wars, and it's playable alone or with friends. Set in the '90s, this astonishing interactive work of art brings that decade to life with familiar faces and vibes. It is a marvel of digital art, science, aesthetics, story-telling, and hardcore fun. When choosing the perfect font
The Superb SLABS Chips Licenses Veneer© for Food Packaging Design
While working with Great Food Affairs to properly license Veneer for their product SLABS, we had one overarching priority: get a bag of SLABS. The alluring photographs and descriptions of SLABS were absolutely perfect, and the choice of Yellow Design Studio's font Veneer to portray the thickest, heartiest, most delicious chip on Earth made perfect sense. Veneer is also the right choice when a food is created in a wholesome manner, exactly like SLABS. These mighty chips or crisps (depending on
Melitta Licenses Thirsty Script Font for Corporate Broadcast Use
Melitta is synonymous with making great coffee, as no single company is so deeply ingrained with coffee's story and how to make the world's finest black gold. Melitta is named after Melitta Brentz who invented the paper coffee filter system in 1908. Annoyed with grounds in her cup, Melitta developed her first filter with a page from her son's notebook. Soon all her friends were brewing their coffee with Melitta's filter, and she filed the patent in the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin. Today,
Linkosuo Licenses Veneer for Award Winning Package Design
Linkosuo is a Finnish family bakery that was founded in 1936, and is still family owned and operated. Linkosuo features a full line of delicious baked goods that are known throughout Finland, and increasingly, throughout Europe. Linkosuo also owns and operates a successful line of restaurants and cafes in Finland where you can enjoy a delicious salmon soup followed by coffee and a Linkosuo desert. Linkosuo's strategic goal is global expansion, and one product in particular is leading the
Facebook Watch Licenses Northwell Font for Sorry For Your Loss Drama
In partnership with YouWorkForThem, Facebook Watch licensed the font Northwell from Set Sail Studios for the title of their fantastic drama Sorry For Your Loss. The series carries a 93% positive rating from Rotten Tomatoes, and received rave reviews from periodicals like The Atlantic and The Daily Beast. Revolving around a young widow, Sorry For Your Loss takes on heavy themes while retaining a witty, relatable feel. The series stars Elizabeth Olsen, Kelly Marie Tran, Jovan Adepo, and Mamoudou
Northwell, The Perfect Font for Blackmarket Labs’ Pre-Workout Supplements
We are excited to announce that Blackmarket Labs has chosen Northwell as their exclusive font for all of their pre-workout supplement packaging. Northwell, designed by Set Sail Studios, is the perfect font for this application; it is strong and bold, yet still maintains a level of sophistication and elegance. It is a great solution for drawing attention to Blackmarket's high-quality products on store shelves. Thanks to flexible, corporate font licensing by YouWorkForThem, Blackmarket now has a
Aviko Licenses Veneer and Thirsty Rough — A Perfect Font Pairing
Based in the Netherlands, Aviko's mission is, "bringing joy to tables all over the world" and, "bringing joy from farm to fork." And they do: Aviko is one of the largest providers of potato products on earth, and the largest provider of chilled potato products. Aviko chooses only the best potatoes, and ensures their processes leave the smallest possible ecological footprint. Aviko's story is rooted in local cooperation and commitment to quality—in fact, their story started with 32 farmers
BP licenses Sam Parrett’s Better Times for Net Zero Campaign
In their own words, BP's ambition is to be a net-zero company by 2050 or sooner. This is major. For many, the initials BP are the very definition of the oil and gas industry, yet a seismic shift from oil to green energy is being spearheaded by BP itself. Wind energy, carbon capture, electric vehicles, decarbonizing cities, solar, and radically changing oil discovery, extraction and delivery—BP is taking up the challenge on multiple fronts. This aligns with BP's other efforts to be a good
Stonemaier Games licenses Thirsty Rough from Yellow Design Studio
Stonemaier Games was founded in St. Louis, Missouri by Jamey Stegmaier and Alan Stone. They released Viticulture in 2013, and have subsequently published many more successful games. The Stonemaier smash-hit board game Wingspan won the 2019 Kennerspiel des Jahres award, arguably the most prestigious award in the board game world. Notably, it was game designer Elizabeth Hargrave's first game. Wingspan is based on bird watching and ornithology. It is a card-driven game, featuring 170 cards
Del Real Foods licenses Thirsty Script from Yellow Design Studio
You only need to see one picture of one dish from Del Real Foods to know they succeed in their mission: to provide fresh, delicious foods that meet homemade standards, yet are convenient and available at the local grocery. These delicious meals are rooted in the story and traditions of the company's founder Jesus Cardenas and his hometown of Jalisco, Mexico. As such, all Del Real products are additive-free and handmade in small batches. They take their time so you don't have to, and the end
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