Photoshop Brushes for Stipple Style Pop-Art Painting
Stipple Brushes—these miraculous Photoshop brushes will add pop-art textures to illustrations, poster, logos, web design, advertising, packaging, branding, visual identity, social media, contemporary art, and more. Paint your walls silver and jump on the pop art express with this great offering from Pixelbuddha. The set includes 37 brush files in three styles: stroke, stipple, and shader. Stipple Brushes indeed add "a modern twist to a classic style," as stated by Pixelbuddha. These
Photoshop Text Effects: Glossy 3D Magic by Pixelbuddha
Pixelbuddha describes their fundamental, required Glossy 3D, Photoshop Text Effects as, "Oily, shiny, glossy, smooth and sleek — the lettering's surface can remind of glass, bubbles, lollipops, polished metal and plastic. Whatever you need it to be..." And we say, "fundamental, required," because having the ability to make things shiny is imperative for package design, branding projects, logo design, social media posts, visual identity, movie credits, book design, magazine cover design,
Creating a Glitch Text Effect in Photoshop
Our friends at Pixelbuddha are experts at creating first class design tools: Photoshop effects, logo mockups, photo effects, glitch effects, overlays, textile mockups, brushes, map creators, and more. In this special feature, Pixelbuddha presents a tutorial where you’ll create a poster design with shattered, glitch text effect. First, let us shed some light on the concept of displacement maps for Adobe Photoshop, contributing largely to all sorts of distortion effects for warping objects,
Procreate Brushes: 5 Designs to Shakeup Your 2023 Projects
At YouWorkForThem, we understand that having the right tools, such as the best Procreate brushes, is crucial for any graphic designer looking to create stunning digital art. With the ever-growing popularity of Procreate, artists are constantly exploring new possibilities, from Procreate watercolor brushes to Procreate sketch brushes, and everything in between. To help you elevate your designs, we've compiled a list of our top 5 Procreate brushes, each catering to a different artistic style and
Add a Mesmerizing Hologram Effect to Your Photos
The Hologram Photo Effect from Pixelbuddha adds dark, mesmerizing dimension to your photographs, perfect for creating unique content for Instagram! The Hologram Effect creates a look that is both futuristic and retro, recalling the bluish glow of TV screens at night, or the fade-in of a humanoid in the final stages of being "beamed up." This super cool effect creates visual vibrations throughout the eyes and brain, giving your photos an active, reverberating quality. This resonance will
A Nostalgic Photoshop Flicker Effect for Today’s Designs
The Screen Flicker Photo Effect will provide instant nostalgia and warmth to your project by adding just the right touch of retro flicker. This amazing photo effect from Pixelbuddha indicates—yet again—that this fantastic studio has their hand directly on the pulse of the zeitgeist. Pixelbuddha describe the feeling: "Curling up in front of a hissing tube TV with a pack of crunchy snacks, a glass of soda on the nearest table, and pleasant anticipation of a favorite cartoon about to
Wild and Versatile Photoshop Brushes for 2022!
Mixer is a brightly coloured, versatile brush set for Adobe Photoshop that is full-tilt groovy. Designer Chroma Supply states, "They're so fun to use, you won't want to put them down," and, "While there are many great uses for Mixer, we think you'll really love using them for creating custom lettering. The brushes will give you an instant fluid, dimensional look to your work." This amazing set is easy to use: select brush, load color, paint! It include 36 brush head shapes and 77 color
A Vintage Photoshop Effect that is Red Hot, Right Now
The Daily Mail Photoshop Effect from Pixelbuddha is absolutely miraculous: it can take a modern photograph, and return all of the retro glamour, distance, and mystique that photographs had in magazines and newspapers in the '60s and '70s—the incidental result of older printing technology. Same with posters. Specifically, older photo printing created a letterpress pattern of colored dots that formed the image. These Daily Mail Photoshop Effects perfectly recreate that printing style over
A Great Photoshop Effect that Raises Your Game
This great photo effect for Adobe Photoshop adds instant professionalism and class to fashion shots, stylish advertisements, photo portfolios, branding, packaging, social media, visual identity, posters, mobile apps, and more. Create moments of accidental genius that are anything but with this photoshop effect: you will be totally in charge of glitching colors and new mysterious shades. Add mood magic that inspires, moves, and markets. In the words of Pixelbuddha, "Visual experiments always
Indieground: Retro Text Effects Volumes 1 Through Eternity
If Indieground Design were to produce enough retro effects imbued with AI, what might happen? Say the effects were replicants, growing exponentially into every facet of life untouched by a retro effect. Would this metastasizing technology render discussions about light sails and wormholes secondary, or even irrelevant? Because the most practical suggestion currently on the table is that we build a spaceship that exceeds the speed of light a trillion times over. We travel beyond all light
Alter Ego Halftone Photoshop Effect: Cool.
This Effect is BAM!, you're cool. Try it out on your most common photographs and see how they instantly become lost photos from Andy Warhol's Factory. Switch on the pattern layer, and get a look that is 50 years old and 100 years ahead without disharmony. Season both your pro and home bests with stylish retro mood. Alter Ego Halftone Photoshop Effect from Pixelbuddha. It's easy to use. Click here and you'll see! Pixelbuddha is there for you. Do you remember when you were a kid and
Distressed Texturing With Beat Tones Halftone Brushes For Procreate
Andrew Fairclough creates a variety of digital design assets that make it easy for graphic designers and illustrators to incorporate realistic vintage textures in their work. He first established True Grit Texture Supply in 2016, inspired by queries he received regarding his own examples of similar textures he shared with his online students. After fielding questions about whether those textures were available for purchase anywhere, the idea for True Grit Texture Supply was born.
Lithotone Brushes for Procreate: A Retro-fied Toolkit From True Grit Texture Supply
Established in 2015, True Grit Texture Supply was founded by Kindred Studio designer Andrew Fairclough as a resource dedicated to providing realistic digital textures steeped in nostalgia. Andrew “misspent” part of his youth seeking a degree in business, only to later spend time designing “skate and snowboard graphics in between bouts of self-instruction and full time work in a design agency.” He built True Grit Texture Supply after sharing some of his own textures in the
A Vintage Power Tool at Your Fingertips: Hardwear Vector Distressing Kit
True Grit Texture Supply was founded by Andrew Fairclough in 2016 as a design asset resource providing a wealth of products that make it easy for designers to add realistic textures to their projects. Back when Andrew was teaching courses online, he shared some of his own handmade textures with the class and when people later inquired about their commercial availability, the idea to establish True Grit Texture Supply was born. Busy designers understand the importance of finding ways to
Eclectica Stipple Brushes for Illustrator: 70s Pop Art Style Made Easy!
Pixelbuddha is an online marketplace dedicated to all things graphic design — a “one-stop solution to every kind of graphical element required by the design community.” Established by UI/UX designers Greg Lapin and Nick Frost, Pixelbuddha began with a focus on UI-specific products and icon designs, later expanding to encompass a profoundly wide range of design assets that include apps, templates, software, themes, and beyond. Their studio offers a variety of Photoshop-specific
Grain Shader Brushes for Photoshop: A Diverse Collection Of Authentic Textures
Australian graphic designer Andrew Fairclough knows exactly what it takes to craft digital design assets that enable graphic designers to blend realistic textures into their work. Owner of Kindred Studio and based in Los Angeles, Andrew founded True Grit Texture Supply back in 2015, establishing it as a design resource that offers “the best digital texturing tools money can buy.” True Grit Texture Supply provides a variety of handmade texturing assets and brushes that make it easy to
Stone Box Distortion Effect: Add Warped Text Effects to Any Font Instantly
During the 1960s and 70s, psychedelic design was a popular visual aesthetic – and not just because the drugs were rampant among the youth culture of that era (although “tripping out” was definitely part of the lifestyle). Many of the visual motifs found in artwork and posters from the 60s and 70s featured bold color combinations and handcrafted lettering that was expressive and mesmerizing. The writing on the wall was often styled in such a way that no two characters were alike –
Dead Subtle Brush Set From True Grit Texture Supply Adds Instant Texture and Grain
Graphic designer and illustrator Andrew Fairclough is incredibly skilled when it comes to creating digital design assets that make realistic textures look completely effortless. He founded True Grit Texture Supply back in 2016, establishing a design resource that has earned a reputation for providing some of the best textured resources on the retail market. True Grit Texture Supply offers a variety of products that make it a snap to add traditional halftone textures and realistic
Lithotone Distressed Pattern Brushes for Photoshop: A Favorite from True Grit Texture Supply
Established in 2016, True Grit Texture Supply was founded by designer Andrew Fairclough as a resource that would provide graphic designers with “the best digital texturing tools money can buy.” Achieving the look of realistic texturing in design projects can be a time-consuming endeavor. Skilled in creating digital textures from real source materials, Andrew shared some of his work in the online courses he taught. After his students inquired about the retail availability of the
Add Rich Vintage Texture With ATOMICA Mid-Century Effects Kit
While digital designs are essentially little more than pixels on a screen, visual texture is an asset that cannot be overlooked. Texture can help to shift the mood of a design or illustration while also adding a perfect finishing touch, taking your work to an entirely new level of awesome. When it comes to incorporating texture in digital work, True Grit Texture Supply is one of the best resources out there. Established by Andrew Fairclough in 2016, the studio is dedicated to crafting
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