Lorena—Only You
Every type from Kurt Harahap is chic, timeless and unique. These fonts ride Vespas, drink Pimm's, and they never check their phones during conversations. When they show up at the business meeting in vintage M65 jackets, the suits feel underdressed. How exactly can a font drop you into a hole-in-the-wall bakery with a brick of Tres Leches on your plate, or into morning mist scented with cedar, coffee, and the damp Irish wool of your companion's sweater? Ask Kurt Harahap—magician,
Gryffith CF Takes Blackletter Architecture Into The Future
Connary Fagan is a typographer whose work remains consistently among the top performers on YouWorkForThem. With a background in graphic design, art direction, illustration, branding, and identity, it's little wonder why Connary's type designs manage to hit every single note when it comes to providing what other graphic designers need in their work. He knows exactly what they're looking for during the font selection process, and he has a solid understanding of good design and the importance of
Create Beautifully Ornamental Accents With La Decorateur From Guerillacraft
Guerillacraft is in the business of creating highly functional supplies for graphic artists, including graphics, textures, brushes, and actions for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Much of Guerillacraft's work revives the essence of historical eras, something that makes their products especially useful for designers who need to evoke the mood of a particular decade. 80s Press, for instance, is a righteous collection of styles and actions, textures, and brushes that add an 80s print
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