Neonic 2: Crafting Abstract Backgrounds with Studio 2am
Studio 2am is a collaborative design studio based in Australia. Featuring designers that create “beautiful things,” Studio 2am focuses on creating inventive graphic design assets that make it easy to add inspired and expressive Photoshop effects, including distortions, abstract backgrounds, gradients, and amazing blending masks. One of their most recent releases through YouWorkForThem is Neonic 2, the sister collection to Neonic. Neonic 2 is a stock art series of 30 intense and
Microbe Organism – Abstract Backgrounds from Huebert World
Hugh Adams: Creating Mesmerizing Abstract Backgrounds Hugh Adams, a talented graphic designer and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia, has been making waves in the design industry for over 15 years. He established his own online studio and shop, Huebert World, as a go-to source for premium design resources tailored to the graphic design industry, especially when it comes to abstract backgrounds. Hugh's impressive design portfolio spans across various mediums, including book covers,
Pixelbuddha: Funky Gradient Textures and Way Beyond
Pixelbuddha is a premier design company offering a full range of services including fonts, animation, vectors, mockups, textures, photos, and much, much more. Consider their Wine Bottle Mockup when you breathe life into a forgotten vineyard, or their Fusion E-Commerce UI Kit that will allow you to customize every detail of your world-renowned new business. And beyond just offering a gigantic range of services, each PIxelbuddha product offers a universe of possibility within itself—each
Glitch 010: Go and Glitch No More
Tharanas Chuaychoo is an absolute master at taking the visual and aural exhaust of the technical world and turning it into hypnotic pieces of art. Televisions gone awry and damaged digital screens appear to feature prominently in Chuaychoo's work, but they are not merely colorized or reorganized renditions. Chuaychoo makes art from that mysterious and slightly uncomfortable zone where technical byproducts mate with the human psyche, a place where dreams are imbued with the scorching fuzz of
Abstract Geometric Shapes, Very Real Cool
Do you have a friend that seems smarter, richer, hipper, and better traveled than all your other friends, yet they have a tiny apartment and few possessions? In fact, they own a folding table, two found chairs, a vase containing one flower, two coffee cups, and one picture. They are longer than the couch they sleep on, and a swift visual inspection indicates one closet only. They wear the same clothes often, but they are complimented on their style everywhere they go. What is this person
Psychedelic Daydream, Never End
Psychedelic Daydream is a set of swirling, bright, psychedelic swaths, ostensibly for backgrounds, but perfectly welcome as foregrounds. One special quality of Melanie McCabe's Psychedelic Daydream is its vintage softness, its warm familiarity. Here is an expression of psychedelia from vinyl album covers and easier times. There's something too personal and genuine happening in these images—the McCabe magic of imbuing the abstract with concrete emotion and personality. That's pure
Crushing Corona Collection, A Free Graphics Collection
Crushing Corona—this huge collection is free, and we are putting it out there as a gesture of unity inspired (whether we wanted it to be or not) by the difficult collective experience we've gone through together, a world united by challenge. We are winning this fight, but the memories, tragedies, and deep emotional imprint will remain with all of us for the rest of our lives. This set is fueled by the optimism, cooperation, and smarts that are getting us through this thing, and we hope
Reflexion Background Texture Volume 3 Takes Over Me
First impressions of Reflexion Background Texture Volume 3: goo* from 1950s science fiction; opening credits of James Bond films; Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds; the Lizard King's hot tub; dissected outer-space dinosaurs; post-apocalyptic chemical oceans that smell like roses and taste like taffy; Pink Floyd's Interstellar Overdrive; navigating the asteroid belt hungover; Fordite... Enough. The possibilities are endless with this beautiful gunk. Nicholas Lokasasmita created this
Plastic Textures: This Bubble Wrap Pops
"Vintage" indicates something from a past era, or something new designed to have the appearance of the past. So although the word works to describe most of Indieground's products, it's not a perfect fit. The reason for that resides in the sheer perfection of Indieground's renditions. They are so convincing, that calling them "vintage" in the sense of new things designed to appear old doesn't do them justice. Nor do they have the dusty, found appearance of actual items from the past, like a
Light Leaks 50: Everybody Needs the Light
You've just completed your Great Novel. It's set in Prague in the 1920s, and it's about a quiet archivist in the Klementium Library who travels to the 18th Century through a portal in one of the library's massive astronomical globes. Later that day you wrap up your album, a Neo-Romantic choral piece, slow and mysterious, dark and funereal (you're slightly annoyed when the sound engineer compares it to Arvo Pärt). Before you get home, you decide to take a selfie. You think it's the best
Build Stylish, Fashion-Forward Presentations With Magazine Cover Mockup Set
Based in Volgograd, Tatiana Lapina is the artistic force behind Creative Veila, an online store and resource for graphic designers around the world. Tatiana is a freelance graphic designer and photographer who has a passion for creating unique things, including mockups, templates, brushes, and illustrations for Photoshop and Procreate. Through Creative Veila, she also offers a library of video tutorials that focus on tools and techniques to improve any designer’s skillset and
Vivid – Vibrant Ink & Paint Experiments from Chroma Supply
Based in Texas, Jim LePage is an independent graphic designer and abstract artist who, rather took a long road to find a career that would become his passion.  He attended school for guitar construction and repair, delivered pizzas for a few years, and later began teaching preschool. After working as a preschool teacher for about 5 years, he realized it was time for a change. He didn’t know exactly what that might be at the time, but his wife suggested that he go back to college for
Colorscapes: Mountain Vectors In Halftone Style from Hello Mart
Hello Mart — which transitioned its brand to New Visual Things in 2019 — was established as an online surface design shop and fine art gallery representing independent artists from around the world. The online marketplace offers a variety of digital art packs, patterns, and textures, along with an array of art prints, photography, sculpture, decor accents, and accessories. This creative emporium was founded by Margaret Penney, a gifted graphic designer who has worked in branding,
Glitcha VI: Textured Digital Waves of Abstract Light and Shadow from Mazarine Studio
Mazarine Studio is based in Casablanca, Morocco, and specializes in creating design assets that are alive with color and texture. Particularly if you love working with abstract gradients, glitchy textures, mesmerizing backgrounds, and vector logo elements, this a design studio you’ll want to keep close at hand whenever you’re in the mood for something contemporary — and completely unexpected. One of Mazarine Studio’s more recent releases through YouWorkForThem is Glitcha VI, a
Quarter Tone – Customizable Backgrounds Pack Adds Easy Halftone Texture
Based in Melbourne, Australia, Hugh Adams is a talented graphic designer and illustrator who has been active in the industry for more than 15 years. He’s worked on a variety of design projects that include album artwork, apparel designs, branding materials, and book covers, and eventually founded his own studio and online store, Huebert World, to provide design assets for other makers around the world. In fact, Hugh offers well over 700 unique products through YouWorkForThem. One of
A Warm Serif Family With Calligraphic Style: Qeskile Voyage From Din Studio
Based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Donis Miftahudin established Din Studio in 2017 as an independent type foundry and studio focused on crafting type designs that meet the varied needs of graphic designers around the world. To achieve this, Din Studio pays careful attention to current market trends and this drives its projects forward. The studio has worked on a variety of letter sets in a wide range of styles that include everything from brush and signature scripts, sans serif, serif, and
San Marino: A Vector Illustration Collection From Our Own Design Studio
Surrounded by the picturesque Italian countryside, the Republic of San Marino is an independent nation and one of the smallest on earth. Located in the mountains near the Adriatic Sea, San Marino is steeped in a history that dates back to the 4th century.  This small country rivals the Tuscan countryside in its beauty, and it served as the inspiration for an entire collection of vector illustrations crafted by YouWorkForThem Design Studio. San Marino is a colorful and abstract series
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