Armin Soft: The Warmer Side of the Armin Family from W Type Foundry
Based in Santiago, London, and Barcelona, W Type Foundry started under the label, Without Foundry, when it was originally established. Beginning around 2016, the foundry shifted to its current shape and it has been consistently working to craft versatile and expressive type families for an international design marketplace ever since. Formed by Magdalena (Bana) Arasanz, Patricio Truenos, Diego Aravena, and David Súid, W Type Foundry has extensive experience in typography, understanding
Jaqen Offers Style, Sophistication, and a Comfortable Reading Experience
The Northern Block is perhaps one of the world’s most well-known type foundries. Established by Jonathan Hill in 2006, The Northern Block is a type foundry that prizes artistic collaboration and innovation, releasing type designs that have been used in countless design projects around the world. Nestled in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, The Northern Block earned a reputation for creating type designs centered around the ever-advancing industries of today’s world, including
RMU Koralle Revives Four Variants Of A Beloved Classic Sans Serif Design
Ralph Michael Unger is a type designer from Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, releasing type designs under his personal foundry label, RMU Typedesign. Digital typography was a natural transition for Ralph, who apprenticed in a print shop decades ago. In those early days of his career, he gained an invaluable amount of hands-on knowledge in the art of typesetting, working with composing sticks, galleys, and lead letters. Linotype machines were second nature to Ralph before he began digitizing
A Geometric Sans Inspired By Herb Lubalin: Sonny Gothic
Santiago, Chile is home to W Type Foundry, a foundry studio run by Diego Aravena, Patricio Truenos, and Bana Arasanz. Originally begun as Without Foundry in 2012, it was established by Diego Aravena and Felipe Sanzana after the two found one another while attending the University of Chile's Lettering and Typography degree program. One thing is for certain; the success of any business or endeavor is only as strong as the passion owned by those who are running it. Diego and Felipe were well
The Softer Side Of The Fuse Family: Fuse V. 2 From W Type Foundry
Established in Santiago, Chile, in 2012 as "Without Foundry," W Type Foundry is run by Diego Aravena, Bana Arasanz, and Patricio Truenos. This trio of highly-skilled typographers and type designers work hard to ensure that every one of their type designs hits the mark for design aesthetics, multilingual support, and flexibility through OpenType features. Their work has been selected for the past two editions – 2014 and 2016 – of the Latin American Typography Biennale. W Type Foundry
A Sweetly Rounded Sans Serif From W Type Foundry: Nutmeg
W Type Foundry was originally founded by Diego Aravena and Felipe Sanzana in 2012 as "Without Foundry." Diego and Felipe initially crossed paths in the University of Chile's Lettering and Typography degree program. Their mutual enjoyment of the field of typography sparked the beginnings of what would eventually become an operational foundry studio in Santiago. In 2016, Diego brought two new members onto the team that would become W Type Foundry as it is today. Patricio Truenos and Bana
RMU Typedesign Revives An Art Nouveau Classic Through Aldo Manuzio
The design label of Ralph Michael Unger, RMU Typedesign offers 100 products through YouWorkForThem, an incredible variety of type designs for a wide range of projects and design styles. While Ralph got his initial start working in a small print shop where typesetting was an all-day, hands-on experience, he would eventually go on to digitize fonts as the technology moved ever forward. He freelanced for URW++ and Profonts for a number of years before establishing his own foundry in 2009.
Fibra: An Experimental Sans Serif From Los Andes Type
Los Andes Type got its initial start as a subsidiary design studio of LatinoType, although it would later become its own standalone type foundry. Based in Chile, Los Andes Type shares its personal view of the world through its typography. Their type designs find inspiration in nature and travel, along with the life experiences of its own typographers. This personal touch is what gives Los Andes Type its individuality; not only do they adhere to strict quality standards, but every release
A Geometric Sans Serif With A Human Touch: dT Jakob From dooType
Established in 2008 by Eduilson Coan, dooType is an independent type foundry headquartered in Brazil. Eduilson is a self-taught master of his craft, working on both custom and commercial font projects for more than a decade. He completed a postgrad course at Type@Cooper in Manhattan in 2015, further honing his skills for the field he is most passionate about. His foundry has enjoyed a great deal of success over the years, working on custom projects for notable brands that include Sheraton
Rawson: A Dignified Sans Serif With Humanist Inspiration
LatinoType was established in 2007 as Chile's first digital type foundry. Founded by Miguel Hernández, who was later joined by Luciano Vergara and Daniel Hernández, LatinoType openly collaborates with graphic designers throughout Latin America. In a similar vein, they also provide educational support to the careers of fellow typographers - fledgling and experienced alike - by conducting workshops that enable the trio to share their vast knowledge and experience with others. Fully
A Geometric Font Design Reminiscent of the 1940’s
Connary Fagen is back again this month with another amazing design, this time by the name of Greycliff. Rugged, hearty, and warm, Greycliff CF is a versatile font family that contains strong capitals along with smooth, open lowercase letters that are effective in a variety of applications. The geometric, near-monoline construction lends Greycliff a classic durability reminiscent of the 1940s, tempered by softened edges and vibrant shapes. Download Greycliff today, and as always,
TT Bluescreens Font by TypeType
Blockbusters, posters, titles and movie trailers — now we have created the perfect font family for this. Bluescreens — a high-quality font family which is designed specifically for cinephiles and directors. Condensed style contains five most popular typefaces: Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Black and Italics. Download TT Bluescreens Font TT Bluescreens was published by TypeType on September 19,
The Northern Block had a very productive year in 2014. A release we overlooked from them back in September was the clean sans-serif design, Schar. A humanist sans designed like a serif with high-stroke contrast, but without serifs, Schar contains calligraphic forms to create a fluid and dynamic personality. Schar is a balanced sans serif with classic proportions ideally suited for modern day text based projects. Details include eight weights and true italics, over 1000 characters with
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