Incorporate Lush Botanical Elements With Tropical Set From Aleksandra Popova
Aleksandra Popova is an artist who loves “to create beautiful things.” Before setting foot in the graphic design industry, she attended New Bulgarian University where she received her bachelor’s degree in photography and her master’s degree in graphic design. Working as a self-employed freelancer for a while now, Aleksandra has become quite a renaissance woman of sorts, gaining thorough knowledge and experience in a variety of creative endeavors including digital art and
Add Guilloche Flair To Your Designs With Brush 37 From Sigma
Intricate decorations and flourishes have the ability to create a polished appearance in any work of art, whether you're working in traditional or digital media. Ornamental details are powerful additions, but as designers, let's be honest... sometimes they can be a real pain in the ass to create. Brush 37, part of Sigma's Guilloche series, is a vector brush set of 25 designs for crafting elaborate patterns and highly detailed flourishes with ease. The term, "guilloche," actually refers
Krom 03 From Sigma: A Celebration Of Radial Vectors
A circle, at its most basic, is nothing more than a geometric shape whose center point is equidistant from every other point along its boundary. It's a pleasing structure to look at, certainly, being comprised of a single curved line that appears to have no beginning and no end. It simply... is. A circle is strong and unbreakable, offering a sense of permanence and immortality through its design. Throughout human history, circles have been held in the highest regard from a spiritual
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