Borges Lettering

Create Three-Dimensional Effects On Any Font With Old Stock II
With an early career spent working as an apprentice sign painter, Charles Borges de Oliveira eventually found himself exploring type design. Having worked in the manual art of sign painting, he had long since established an innate sense of good design, one that was deepened with further education on the mechanical side of letter architecture and design layout. While he still provides hand lettering through his studio, Borges Lettering, Charles has also built an impressive portfolio of
Versatile: A Layered Sans Serif From Borges Lettering That Offers Unlimited Possibility
Charles Borges de Oliveira was introduced to typography by way of his early career as an apprentice sign painter. As his experience grew, so did his appreciation for the science and methodology of type design. The architecture of letters and the principles behind design layouts eventually led him to pursue type design as his trade, although he still offers hand lettering and logos through his own studio, Borges Lettering. Charles has seen an incredible amount of success throughout the course
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