Melitta Licenses Thirsty Script Font for Corporate Broadcast Use
Melitta is synonymous with making great coffee, as no single company is so deeply ingrained with coffee's story and how to make the world's finest black gold. Melitta is named after Melitta Brentz who invented the paper coffee filter system in 1908. Annoyed with grounds in her cup, Melitta developed her first filter with a page from her son's notebook. Soon all her friends were brewing their coffee with Melitta's filter, and she filed the patent in the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin. Today,
Minorica Handwritten Collection: A Complete Font Kit from Vintage Voyage Design
While the future holds joy and possibility yet unknown, there is a certain nostalgia and comfort that is found in the past. (Well… the pre-2020 past. Let’s face it: it’s unlikely that anyone is going to look back at 2020 with nostalgia or comfort.) Vintage design elements have a way of recalling idyllic settings long since past and that’s part of the reason why retro design remains a popular style, even in our technology-driven contemporary era. Established by graphic
Attractype Reborn: A Casual Contemporary Script From Risman Ginarwan
Based in Indonesia, Risman Ginarwan is a type designer who specializes in handcrafted lettering with a vintage aesthetic. He established Garisman Studio in 2013 and his foundry has released dozens of handmade fonts over the years. While Garisman Studio offers a number of retro-inspired letter sets, it has also crafted its share of contemporary font families that embrace a more urban style of digital artistry. Regardless of the era that inspires his work, Risman’s typography displays a
The Pretender Collection: Sans, Serifs, and Scripts That Revisit The Past
Maybe it's because we find so much comfort in recalling idyllic days gone by, or maybe it's simply because we love that which is most familiar… whatever the reason, the world loves vintage-inspired design. Vintage Voyage Design is a studio that focuses on developing retro design elements, including type designs, textures, and other design assets for graphic designers around the world. Established by Pavel Korzhenko, Vintage Voyage Design truly does take the viewer on a voyage into the
Revive The Style Of Victorian Advertisements With Salvathore
Rizky Setyaludin is a freelance graphic designer and typographer in Bandung, Indonesia. Releasing work under his personal label, Maghrib, Rizky specializes in logo design and display type. After attending UNIKOM to pursue a degree in visual communication design, he continues to work in the field he's most passionate about. Rizky's typography is expressive and shows a strong preference for vintage design elements. He's crafted a variety of unique script and display fonts, including the
Craft Beautiful, Professional Presentations With Floral Mockups and Stationery Pack
Relatively new to YouWorkForThem, MrMockup provides digital artists and graphic designers with a professional way to present their work to clients through the use of high-resolution photography elements. MrMockup is project of Noeeko, a studio comprised of independent designers and makers who focus primarily on graphic design and brand identity. Their experience in the field has given them a unique understanding of what it is that clients are looking for when designers present their work, and
VectorSupply Premium Retro Vector Textures from RetroSupply Co.
RetroSupply Co. has earned a reputation as one of the top resources for midcentury graphic design tools. Established by Dustin Lee, the digital marketplace offers a massive collection of digital art brushes, textures, layer styles, fonts, and print effects designed to simplify the process of creating digital images that have a realistic vintage appearance. They look incredibly genuine because Dustin uses real-world materials during his creation process. He's been known to use 60-year old
Condell Bio: A Delicious Sans Serif From Letritas Foundry
The man behind Letritas Foundry is Juan Pablo de Gregorio, a Chilean typographer and graphic designer. His work tends to follow concepts, a process he says is akin to watching cooking programs. He particularly enjoys those moments when a chef discloses his secrets or advises viewers to be unafraid of using too much wine in a main course, assuring them that the alcohol will evaporate and their food will be cooked to perfection in the end. That initial feeling of uncertainty is the same
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