David Kerkhoff

A Playful Brush Script From Hanoded Fonts: Woebegone
Based in the Netherlands, Hanoded Fonts is the type foundry studio of David Kerkhoff, a man with an impressive variety of interests and talents. Many of us can relate to treading a very long and winding road while establishing our careers, and that road often veers in unexpected directions when we least expect it. For David, his route to the field of type design was definitely scenic, in every sense of the word. Over the years, he's worked as a goldsmith, a zookeeper, a cook, and an
Handcrafted Bronwen Brings A Touch Of Magic And Myth
David Kerkhoff didn't have childhood dreams of becoming a professional typographer. The thought had never entered his mind, but even so, a career in typography is exactly where he ended up one day. Life is kind of funny like that sometimes. Careers can evolve from the strangest and most unexpected of places. Over the course of his life so far, David has worked as a cook, an artist, a goldsmith, and even a zookeeper. His work ethic is one that embraces challenge and uncertainty with a
A Happy, Handmade Brush Script From Hanoded Fonts: Teacup
David Kerkhoff is a man who started out miles away from typography, yet he somehow ended up smack in the middle of the industry. The funny thing is, all of his life experiences are what actually led him toward his current career as a typographer, even though he didn't know it at the time. It's hard to say if he would have still arrived at this destination if he hadn't been a zookeeper, a cook, a goldsmith, or an artist. You might wonder what all of these things have to do with the field of
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