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Eveleth’s Font Style: A Key to Prego’s Success
In the dynamic field of design, the right font style frequently emerges as the secret sauce, the magic touch that endows a brand with its distinctive identity. Amidst the myriad of typefaces, Eveleth Font from Yellow Design Studio uniquely stands out, lending an air of authentic nostalgia and vintage charm. Consequently, this post delves deeper, examining how the Eveleth typeface was instrumental in revitalizing the brand identity of Prego Farmer's Market sauces.   The Charm of
GO VEGGIE Rebrands With Distressed Fonts From Yellow Design Studio
GO VEGGIE makes a variety of lactose-free, vegan cheese products with more calcium, equivalent protein, less fat and less calories than ordinary cheese. When the Healthier Way to Love Cheese™ decided to rebrand their packaging and overall visual brand, they chose to base their mark on the hand drawn Eveleth font, while using the complementary font Veneer for secondary product details.   Working closely with GO VEGGIE's marketing department, we negotiated a Large Volume
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