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What Do Font Names Actually Mean?
Fonts have been around for decades, but the jargon surrounding them can still confound even some of our most experienced colleagues. Despite fonts having played such a formative role in the digital workspace, there aren't a lot of easy-to-read articles that lay it out in one place, so we thought...why not write one? We reached out to one such expert—a luminary in this field and cofounder at URW++ (which has Its headquarters near Hamburg), Peter Rosenfeld—to get his take on what helps when
Inspiration And Imagination At Play In Fort Foundry
As a child, Mattox Shuler spent much of his time playing in forts. Those secret (and sometimes not-so-secret) hideaways were places full of unlimited possibilities for adventure. Fort building seems an innate characteristic of the universal youth experience, an activity that most of us remember fondly, even when we got into trouble for using our mom's favorite afghan. You know, the one that grandma crocheted by hand. It was only when we became grown-ups that we realized those gaping holes
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