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Sticky-Sweet With A Touch Of Grunge: YWFT Watermelon
When we were kids, there was no candy in the world that was "bad" candy. It was all glorious. A lost and unwrapped Jolly Rancher or Laffy Taffy that fell between the couch cushions, one that mingled with the crumbs of the Goldfish crackers we ate a month before, was still "okay" to eat because it was candy and we couldn't let it go to waste. Oh, there was a bit of dog hair stuck to it, too? No problem! Our determined little fingers picked that stuff off and we ate the candy, anyway. The
Hand-Painted And Driven By Energy: Furious Styles
Derek Campbell and Justin Graefer established BLKBK Type in 2013. The foundry has made a name for itself through artistically-crafted typography that's thoroughly steeped in raw emotion. "We at BLKBK, feel the most important element in typography is being able to effectively convey a feeling and a unique personality within every design," they told us. "We enjoy exploring multiple different styles and mediums without overthinking and just letting it be an organic and natural design
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