Fieldwork From TipoType Pairs Geometric And Humanist Letter Sets
Founded in 2009, TipoType was Uruguay’s very first digital type foundry, established in part by Vicente Lamónaca, the first designer in the country to release a digital font. Vicente paired with Fernando Diaz and Martín Sommaruga to establish TipoType, an endeavor that may have seemed like a ridiculously bold move at the time but one that would lead to great success in the years that followed. All three of the men behind TipoType share a love for their craft and a strong foundation
Celebrating Two Centuries Of Sans Serif Typefaces: Brother 1816
When Vicente Lamónaca, Fernando Diaz, and Martin Sommaruga made the decision to quit their graphic design jobs to establish a type foundry, they leapt into the new endeavor with both feet (and perhaps a little trepidation). It was certainly a bold move, but it seems the best decisions usually are — you just never know what greatness you're capable of until you try. The trio founded TipoType together, building the Uruguay-based digital type foundry from the ground up and equally
Basel Neue by Isaco Type
Isaco Type just released a beautiful new sans called Basel Neue, currently on sale with options starting as low as $9 USD. Basel Neue is a legible and discrete typeface, a sans serif with thickness variation and humanistic touch. The family consists of 8 styles, 4 weights plus their respective italic versions. Download the “OT Features” pdf to know and take advantage of all font features as best as possible (in OpenType-savvy applications)! You can also view all symbols in the glyph
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