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Ignite Your Designs with the Viral Font Trio
Say hello to the Viral Font Trio, a dynamic combination of modern, stylish, and retro typography that's now available at YouWorkForThem. This font family, which consists of three unique font styles - regular, italic, and script - is designed to add a new level of sophistication and creativity to your social media projects. And the cherry on top? It's currently on sale (50% off until March 18, 2023)! Let's dive into the features of this font trio and see how it can take your designs to the
A Fantastic Decorative Font for Instagram Marketing & Much More
"Just earlier this month, I brought you an amazing sans & serif font duo and you loved it. This time, I am upgrading the game and I am launching a mix of modern & classic, a brand new sans & script font duo French Lovers." You've got to love the confidence of SilverStag, especially when it's delivered with the leisurely bravado of someone who knows they're right. Hence, French Lovers Font Duo. The striking contrast between the sans serif font and the script font visually blossom
Wild Star Font Duo Rocks Hard, Rides Free
If you don't like heavy metal, okay—fair enough. Many don't, and that's fine. And there are times when even the most ardent metal fan would rather hear birdsong than Judas Priest. The morning after a Judas Priest concert, for example. But most people most of the time have at least a couple powerful numbers that get their heart rate up, and some make a lifestyle out of heavy rock and hard living. Heavy Metal communicates certain images and ideas that are almost universally agreed
Belgravia Terrace: A Sophisticated Serif and Script Font Duo From Ivan Rosenberg
Based in Slovakia, Ivan Rosenberg is a graphic designer and typographer with more than a decade of experience working in web and graphic design. Ivan has a particular fondness for handcrafted type designs and script lettering, and it’s a talent he’s become known for. His type designs are rich in personality, each one unique yet passionately and painstakingly drawn.  Ivan’s type design portfolio features bold and expressive brush scripts written with a heavy hand, as well as
Ourense Font Duo Pairs a Strong Brush Sans Serif With a Gorgeous Handwritten Cursive Script
Eko Setiawan is a creative master who stays busy working on projects of all kinds, including illustration, graphic design, branding, UI/UX, hand lettering, and typography. He also crafts design assets for digital photographers, offering a number of Adobe Lightroom tools that make post-processing a breeze. Just like Eko’s creative pursuits, his type designs run the gamut in style and functionality. Releasing products under the personal label and brand, Emyself Design, he’s crafted
An Elegant Sans Serif And Script Font Duo From Eko Bimantara: Musk
Based in Indonesia, Eko Bimantara has spent the last decade working in the field of visual art and graphic design. His experience has given him a rich appreciation for solid typography, one that would eventually inspire a fierce passion for type design. Eko's own work in typography focuses on meeting the specific needs of graphic designers. With a background in branding, he understands exactly how font choice can make or break a project's overall success. When it comes to type design, he
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