Photoshop Text Effects: Glossy 3D Magic by Pixelbuddha
Pixelbuddha describes their fundamental, required Glossy 3D, Photoshop Text Effects as, "Oily, shiny, glossy, smooth and sleek — the lettering's surface can remind of glass, bubbles, lollipops, polished metal and plastic. Whatever you need it to be..." And we say, "fundamental, required," because having the ability to make things shiny is imperative for package design, branding projects, logo design, social media posts, visual identity, movie credits, book design, magazine cover design,
A Fantastic Decorative Font for Instagram Marketing & Much More
"Just earlier this month, I brought you an amazing sans & serif font duo and you loved it. This time, I am upgrading the game and I am launching a mix of modern & classic, a brand new sans & script font duo French Lovers." You've got to love the confidence of SilverStag, especially when it's delivered with the leisurely bravado of someone who knows they're right. Hence, French Lovers Font Duo. The striking contrast between the sans serif font and the script font visually blossom
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