Photography by Sig Vicious
Sigger Magnus Hafsteinsson is an Icelandic graphic designer, artist and photographer whose work is widely used in advertising, brand identities, music covers, billboards and other commercial applications. Sig Vicious photographs often incorporate a lot of negative space that fits very well into advertising and poster art. Sig refused to limit his ideas to paper and ink, and rebelled against the standards of graphic design when he began working in the mid 1990s. He founded an independent
The World’s Tallest Typeface, Cinderblock
If prisons are built with stones of law, then powerful words indeed are built with letters of Cinderblock–the World’s Tallest Typeface. Inspired by masonry and available in eight heights–each version growing approximately 25% taller than the previous–Cinderblock is a brand new typeface designed to achieve maximum vertical coverage. The ultra-thin white spaces within the letterforms create a spatial rhythm between letters and counters, and the extreme contrast between positive and
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