Ink trap

Letter Omega’s Bauziet Lights Up the Horizon
The bites or cuts that distinguish Bauziet lend it a dash of the unpredictable and a dysphoric whisper. The result is harsh and attractive architecture, the magnetic beauty of industrial landscapes lit up at night. Bauziet is a modernist structure that evokes a production facility's power and contemporary art's off-kilter flair. The sharp transitions, cuts, geometric standards, and all around futurist appeal make Bauziet an excellent choice for cutting-edge branding, packaging, logos,
A Beautiful Geometric Sans That Really Turns Up The Contrast: BW Gradual
Established by Alberto Romanos in 2014, Branding With Type is a studio with a heavy emphasis on branding and identity. Much of Alberto's career has focused on those specific industry demands, and he has certainly excelled in his field. He thoroughly understands the vital role of smart type design in successful branding campaigns, always managing to capture the essence of a client's message in visual media. Graduating with a BA in Industrial Design from the University of Wales in
Download 18 Sans-Serif Fonts for $17
Typesketchbook is back this month with an amazing deal, this time with the new sans-serif design Delm. For the next month only, you can download the complete family (18 Fonts) of Delm for just $17! Although ink traps became obsolete in the digital age, Typesketchbook still found them enchanting enough to use them as the design theme thier new typeface, Delm. A Sans-Serif design, Delm has a simple and beautiful construction, but contains numerous design details such as the leg of a, b,
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