Eclectica Stipple Brushes for Illustrator: 70s Pop Art Style Made Easy!
Pixelbuddha is an online marketplace dedicated to all things graphic design — a “one-stop solution to every kind of graphical element required by the design community.” Established by UI/UX designers Greg Lapin and Nick Frost, Pixelbuddha began with a focus on UI-specific products and icon designs, later expanding to encompass a profoundly wide range of design assets that include apps, templates, software, themes, and beyond. Their studio offers a variety of Photoshop-specific
Jungle Land: A Brush Script That Explores The World With Childlike Wonder
Risman Ginarwan is a type designer who specializes in display and script lettering with a handcrafted approach. While his personal foundry label, Garisman Studio, offers a variety of type design styles, Risman often favors those with a strong vintage aesthetic.  His work through Garisman Studio is eclectic, offering type designs that cater to those in the market for clean, contemporary designs as well as those searching for designs with a distinctive retro flair. Regardless of theme or
Handcrafted Bronwen Brings A Touch Of Magic And Myth
David Kerkhoff didn't have childhood dreams of becoming a professional typographer. The thought had never entered his mind, but even so, a career in typography is exactly where he ended up one day. Life is kind of funny like that sometimes. Careers can evolve from the strangest and most unexpected of places. Over the course of his life so far, David has worked as a cook, an artist, a goldsmith, and even a zookeeper. His work ethic is one that embraces challenge and uncertainty with a
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