Add a Mesmerizing Hologram Effect to Your Photos
The Hologram Photo Effect from Pixelbuddha adds dark, mesmerizing dimension to your photographs, perfect for creating unique content for Instagram! The Hologram Effect creates a look that is both futuristic and retro, recalling the bluish glow of TV screens at night, or the fade-in of a humanoid in the final stages of being "beamed up." This super cool effect creates visual vibrations throughout the eyes and brain, giving your photos an active, reverberating quality. This resonance will
A Nostalgic Photoshop Flicker Effect for Today’s Designs
The Screen Flicker Photo Effect will provide instant nostalgia and warmth to your project by adding just the right touch of retro flicker. This amazing photo effect from Pixelbuddha indicates—yet again—that this fantastic studio has their hand directly on the pulse of the zeitgeist. Pixelbuddha describe the feeling: "Curling up in front of a hissing tube TV with a pack of crunchy snacks, a glass of soda on the nearest table, and pleasant anticipation of a favorite cartoon about to
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