Monochrome Lines: Sheer Clarity from Geometrica
The Geometrica Bureau has a knack for creating clean, refreshing patterns and designs that lend themselves equally well to a webpage or a summer dress. They remind us that basic colors and concepts hold endlessly original possibilities, possibilities that come out in the versatility of Geometrica's final products. When a creation can be sensibly and harmoniously applied to wallpaper or wall art, to packaging, blogs, or stationery—that says a lot. This breadth and power is not accidental,
Organic Shapes – 100 Seamless Textures From Arseny Samolevsky
Based in Ukraine, Arseny Samolevsky is a graphic designer who creates a variety of design assets that include shapes, patterns, ornaments, templates, brushes, and backgrounds used by graphic designers around the world. No matter what project he’s working on at any given moment, Arseny is passionate about his craft. He has a fondness and appreciation for bold concepts that are cleanly executed, always making sure to pay attention to even the smallest of details as he works. One of
Chroma Bends: Expressing Fluid Motion at Light Speed
Based in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida, Margaret Penney is a multidisciplinary graphic designer and artist with a background in art collage, branding, identity, product packaging, and type design. Margaret has an unparalleled gift for color and design aesthetics; her ability to create visual balance in every project is a signature characteristic of her work. She has said that while successful designs may appear effortless on the surface, that “effortless” simplicity is usually the
Bird of Paradise Patterns Explore Nature Through Vintage-Style Illustration
In 2013, Ivan Gladkikh and Alexander Kudryavtsev founded TypeType, one of the first digital type foundries to be established in St. Petersburg. Over the years since the foundry began, it's released a number of expertly-crafted and highly versatile type designs for an international marketplace. Their goal has always been to create quality design assets offered at affordable prices, always being sure to do their level best to provide graphic designers with exactly what they're looking
Songbirds and Floral Patterns Explores The Natural World Through Vintage Illustrations
Piñata is an experimental division of TypeType, a foundry that was established in 2013 by Ivan Gladkikh and Alexander Kudryavtsev in St. Petersburg, Russia. TypeType's primary goal is to design and release high-quality fonts that suit the diverse needs of graphic designers around the world, and that same ambition extends to Piñata and its own range of fonts and graphics. Piñata offers a varied range of stylish products that are also affordable, particularly for designers who are just
Bit Blend Explores Light And Shadow Through Pixel Saturation
Hugh Adams is a photographer, graphic designer, and creator who hails from Melbourne, Australia. With an extensive background in graphic design, Hugh is dedicated to providing other graphic designers with quality resources for their work. His photography is stunningly beautiful, as evidenced in Botanicals, a collection of 44 background images that explore a natural world painted with ethereal light and soft bokeh. Hugh is also a master of digital texture, offering a wide range of texture
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