Two Sugars: A Monoline Cursive Script From Set Sail Studios
Based in the UK, Sam Parrett is the designer and typographer behind Set Sail Studios, a type foundry and online store that specializes in handcrafted lettering that conveys every message with passion and enthusiasm. Sam told us that he had always had an interest in graphic design, even though he really didn’t have much in the way of drawing or painting skills in his younger days. He started out as a beginner with Photoshop while was a guitarist in a local band, creating flyers and
Dol: A Contemporary Geometric Sans Serif From Supply Of Fonts
With a background in branding, UI design, and web design, Changki Han is a graphic designer and artist born and raised in Seoul. Although he works as a senior designer, he works on freelance and commissioned projects that include logo design, posters, illustration, and user interfaces. Changki adores his field of work. “I simply love designing,” he explained. “I know that sounds cheesy, but to start with a blank page and to see the result after months of hard work is very
Halvar: A German-Engineered Type System That Extends To Extremes
Founded by Nils Thomsen and Jakob Runge, TypeMates is a digital type foundry that works out of both Hamburg and Munich, their respective residences in the north and south of Germany. Lisa Fischbach works alongside Jakob and Nils, and the three connect remotely through online means like Slack and Google Drive services. The freedom created by this work environment enables each typographer to work when they are most inspired and productive – regardless of the time of day. It’s a
Armin Grotesk Embraces the Swiss Style With Contemporary Flair
Based in Santiago and London, W Type Foundry originally started off under the name, Without Foundry, when it was established by Felipe Sanzana and Diego Aravena in 2012. The two met while involved in a lettering and typography degree program at the University of Chile, a place where they shared ideas and their fondness for designing letters.  A few years later, Patricio Truenos and Magdalena (Bana) Arasanz joined the endeavor alongside Diego Aravena, operating as W Type Foundry does
Hefring Slab: A Fresh and Versatile Geometric Slab Serif From The Northern Block
The Northern Block is a studio established by Jonathan Hill in 2006. Based in Sheffield, the studio originally began as an outlet for Jonathan’s work but eventually grew into a larger and much more collaborative studio over time. The Northern Block’s name has become synonymous with contemporary and modernist designs, catering largely to industries centered around technology, including gaming, electronics, computers, and mobile apps. Type designs released by The Northern Block have
A Cohesive Font Collection From Emil Bertell: Camper
Emil Bertell is a graphic designer, a highly-skilled illustrator and a talented typographer who got his start in the field of type design at the age of 16. Emil had always had an affinity for art, practically learning to draw before he even learned to read. During his high school years, he was enrolled in multimedia courses and they became the catalyst that encouraged him to study type design on his own. He released his first font at just 16 years old, an impressive feat by anyone's
An Eclectic Combination Pack Of Fonts From Emil Bertell: Vodka
It's amazing just how young some typographers are when they first start out in the field. While Emil Bertell has been an illustrator, typographer, and graphic designer for some years now, he got his initial start in typography fairly early on. Emil attended a high school with an arts-centric curriculum, one that centered specifically on multimedia. Beyond his formal education, he took it upon himself to learn about type design when most other children his age were immersed in video
Fuse Brings Together Geometric And Humanistic Design Elements
Originally established as Without Foundry in 2012, W Type Foundry is run by Diego Aravena, Patricio Truenos, and Bana Arasanz, three type designers with a wealth of field knowledge under their collective belts. The University of Chile's Lettering and Typography degree program is where it all began; Diego Aravena and Felipe Sanzana met during their attendance and established Without Foundry together. The studio's evolution would see it later become W Type Foundry, witnessing the 2016
A Contemporary Slab Serif With An Analog Charm: Center Slab From Signal
Signal is an independent type foundry established by Max Phillips. Type design is but one of Max's creative skills. He's an accomplished novelist, a graphic designer, and he's also had what we imagine to be one of the most enjoyable jobs in the world, working as a toy designer. Max served as a creative director for FAO Schwarz, a high-end toy company that has been in business for more than 150 years. Certainly a creative force to be reckoned with, Max now owns and operates his own foundry.
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