Abstract Geometric Shapes, Very Real Cool
Do you have a friend that seems smarter, richer, hipper, and better traveled than all your other friends, yet they have a tiny apartment and few possessions? In fact, they own a folding table, two found chairs, a vase containing one flower, two coffee cups, and one picture. They are longer than the couch they sleep on, and a swift visual inspection indicates one closet only. They wear the same clothes often, but they are complimented on their style everywhere they go. What is this person
Craft Infinite Mosaic Designs Easily With Tessellation Geometry Patterns
Bloomicon is a studio and marketplace established by a group of designers who specialize in crafting massive collections of conceptual icons based around themes of modern technology, business, and life. Their visual metaphors are perfect for powerpoint presentations, mobile applications, infographics, charts, videos, or web designs that require simple imagery to pack a visual punch. Bloomicon has been a successful venture because the company allows its designers to do what they love most:
Create Stunning Visual Motifs With Moroccan Seamless Patterns
Harboring a serious affinity for entrancing patterns, Irene Demetri always knew she wanted to explore a career in the arts, setting her sights on graphic design after finishing school. Upon receiving her MA in Visual Communication Design, she spent many years working in the field of web design before moving in her own direction to explore graphic design full time. Irene clearly has a knack for developing striking motifs and a perfect example of this exceptional skill can be found in one of
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