Aprex Mono: A Classic Monospace Font with Digital Smoothness
Aprex Mono is a classic monospace font updated with digital smoothness. It perfectly blends classic and modern aspects. Aprex Mono is a monospaced industrial version of the Aprex Sans typeface, with extensive multilingual support. Drawing inspiration from a basic sans serif glyph structure, this font comes to life. Furthermore, its perfect balance and optimization culminate in a clean typeface, versatile enough for both display and body text. This versatile monospaced font adds a touch of
Bla Bla: Your Next Display Serif Font
Bla Bla is a contemporary serif typeface inspired by brutalism, featuring large open counters and attractive, rounded forms. Organic curves with their gentle repetitions create a powerful and harmonious effect. This stylish modern family is perfect for communication and branding projects. Bla Bla evokes elegance and class, while at the same time, a rough-hewn strength. As such, it has broad marketing potential across categories. Bla Bla is ideal for visual identity, social media, branding,
Create Stunning Visual Designs with Holographic Flow
Holographic Flow is a stock image collection that contains 20 abstract textures. These high resolution images work great in print or web! Set on transparent backgrounds, you can easily layer them with text, artwork, and objects. Holographic Flow adds depth to social media, packaging, branding, art projects, education materials, posters, books, film, promo materials, and more. The possibilities are limitless. These images meld the surrealistic with the scientific, conjuring 1960s retro
3D Geometrics From Geometrica: As Lovely As You’d Expect
Geometrica Bureau's body of work exudes space, air, and light. It speaks of clean bright rooms furnished sparingly, Swedish Modern, birch trees under bright sun, doing things the easy way, clarity, beauty in simplicity. Please consider their collection and see if you agree. Geometrica's consistent evocations of intelligently adorned spaces has always given their work a real feel, a three-dimensionality that is sensed to the point of tangibility. This solidity has been applied in projects
Shift: Vector Transitions With A Shift-Dash Effect From Vanzyst
Ivan Kamzyst is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Kiev, Ukraine. As a designer releasing work under her personal label, Vanzyst, Ivan likes to experiment with form, approaching every project from a variety of different angles. His methods enable him to create stunning visual effects through vector illustrations used by graphic designers around the world.  One of his most recent releases through YouWorkForThem is Shift, a collection of minimalist geometric abstract gradient
Prism 3 Explores Realistic Screen Effects in High Resolution
Glitch in The System is an exclusive collection of abstract images and designs composed for YouWorkForThem. With well over 500 products currently available, you’ll only find these design resources right here. One of our favorite collections from Glitch in The System is Prism 3, a series of 31 abstract images that explore screen displays and dot matrix effects. The images in this collection were created without the use of 3D software, digital techniques or plugins — resulting in a
Geometric Lines Come Alive Through Light and Movement
Our modern world is one that essentially relies on technology to sustain our way of life. Everything is computerized these days, from the cars we drive to the cameras we use to capture our most treasured moments – like enjoying a steaming cappuccino in a cozy corner booth at an upscale coffee shop around the corner.  (Honestly, it’s kind of hard to imagine a world where people don't share photos of their food and beverages online. What was that like?) Even our art has moved into
Furrow Brings A Swift Sense Of Motion To A Solid Sans Serif
Tyler Finck has been crafting type designs for about 14 years now, and during that time, his work has seen a great deal of success. He's had fonts licensed by companies like NBC Universal, Zappos, Target, The Discovery Channel, Whole Foods, and even NASA. (Yes, that NASA.) Even Barack Obama got in on that action, along with the Atlanta Braves, Buzzed, Harper Collins, and E! Entertainment. You would think by carrying such a heavy amount of notoriety around wherever he goes, all Tyler would
A Serif With Style And Elegance From Connary Fagen: Roxborough CF
When it comes to stylish typography, the name Connary Fagen is one we know very well. The graphic designer has seen incredible success with his type designs over the years, consistently crafting fonts that have been among the top sellers on YouWorkForThem. Connary found his way into the field of typography after he began designing letter sets for his own graphic design projects. You'd be surprised at just how many typographers began their careers that way; when they can't find the exact font
Warp Distort – Distressed Textures Adds Spectral Effects
Based in Melbourne, Australia, Hugh Adams is a prolific photographer and graphic designer who lives to create. Having worked in the graphic design industry himself, Hugh has an innate understanding of the needs of other graphic designers, including the types of assets that are most in demand. With that in mind, he's built a portfolio of products that help to improve workflow, providing valuable digital assets that suit a variety of graphic design projects. One of his latest releases is
Krom 03 From Sigma: A Celebration Of Radial Vectors
A circle, at its most basic, is nothing more than a geometric shape whose center point is equidistant from every other point along its boundary. It's a pleasing structure to look at, certainly, being comprised of a single curved line that appears to have no beginning and no end. It simply... is. A circle is strong and unbreakable, offering a sense of permanence and immortality through its design. Throughout human history, circles have been held in the highest regard from a spiritual
The Prism Image Collection
This month we are continuing to design and post beautiful new image collections, as well as offering them at very affordable prices. The latest collection we just posted today is titled Prism. Prism is a collection of abstract images that work great as backgrounds for presentations, book covers, posters, videos, web sites and many other design uses. These images were originally taken with a standard Canon 40mm lens using a simple photography trick. No 3d software or artificial digital
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