Samuel Oakes

Top Ten Fonts of 2019
Looking back, it’s hard to believe that 2019 has already come and gone. Not only have we left one year behind, but we’ve also entered into a brand new decade entirely. Where has the time gone? As the progressive rock band Rush famously sang in The Garden: “The watchmaker has time up his sleeve, The hours tick away." With the start of the new year thoroughly underway, it’s time to take one last look backwards as we review our Top Ten Fonts of 2019. Connary Fagen’s work took four
The Top 10 Fonts of 2018
Revisiting 2018: The Top 10 Fonts that Shaped the Design Landscape As we traverse through the chapters of time, each year unfurls unique trends and styles that leave a lasting impact on the design world. The year 2018 was no exception. It was a vibrant period that saw an eclectic mix of fonts rise to prominence, each contributing to the visual language of the year in its own distinctive way. This article takes you on a journey back to 2018, revealing the top ten fonts that emerged as
Top Ten Fonts of 2017
The late Tom Petty famously sang, "It just seems so useless to have to work so hard and nothin’ ever really seems to come from it." YouWorkForThem begs to differ with that sentiment because if our Top Ten Fonts of 2017 list is anything to go by, hard work does pay off, although perhaps not right away or even as fast as we might like. The real key to success, in whatever form it takes, is to keep at your endeavors, even – and especially – when things get tough. You never know what
Metro Sans: A Grotesk Sans Serif From Samuel Oakes
Samuel Oakes is a multidisciplinary graphic designer with a wealth of experience in branding, video, photography, and type design. While he prefers a minimalist style, much of his work finds its influence in Samuel's own travels. His gift of photography has allowed him to make the most of his love of travel, enabling him to capture the essence of the cities he explores. He's taken a particular interest in architecture as of late, an enthusiasm that has left its influence on his typography,
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