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The Sensational S6 Sans
The S6 Foundry and Paul Henry Robb are the typographical component of Salt & Pepper, a multidisciplinary design studio that injects "valuable depth and differentiation into business," and "transforms brands and businesses with simple remarkable ideas." Simple remarkable ideas tend to carry the day. Based in Perugia in Sensational Umbria, Salt & Pepper has been providing branding and communication services to companies around the world since 2000. Their distinguished projects
Rohyt In the Moment
According to a May 2021 article in The Economist, the pandemic has influenced the world's font preferences. The harsh realities of our shared experience have increased the popularity of softer, reassuring, cuddly fonts over harder, more serious fonts. Angular and aggressive fonts will never be replaced of course—we need their clarity, sharpness, and all around get-up-and-go. We need them for authoritative texts and for that dash of arrogance an outstanding product or powerful statement
Konstanz: We Met at the Met
Where are you on the museum-goer spectrum? Do you arrive before opening time, and later the guards have to chase you out a minute after closing? Or is the art simply a necessary torture, a thirst-inducing gauntlet you suffer through to maximize satisfaction when you finally land in the museum bar? Are you either of the aforementioned, and you've had the unique pleasure of attending the museum with the person on the spectrum's opposite end? Oh, but that spectrum is big. There are those of
A Sweetly Rounded Sans Serif From W Type Foundry: Nutmeg
W Type Foundry was originally founded by Diego Aravena and Felipe Sanzana in 2012 as "Without Foundry." Diego and Felipe initially crossed paths in the University of Chile's Lettering and Typography degree program. Their mutual enjoyment of the field of typography sparked the beginnings of what would eventually become an operational foundry studio in Santiago. In 2016, Diego brought two new members onto the team that would become W Type Foundry as it is today. Patricio Truenos and Bana
Download 18 Sans-Serif Fonts for $17
Typesketchbook is back this month with an amazing deal, this time with the new sans-serif design Delm. For the next month only, you can download the complete family (18 Fonts) of Delm for just $17! Although ink traps became obsolete in the digital age, Typesketchbook still found them enchanting enough to use them as the design theme thier new typeface, Delm. A Sans-Serif design, Delm has a simple and beautiful construction, but contains numerous design details such as the leg of a, b,
Designed by Typesketchbook, Betm is a simple sans-serif font that comes with 10 weights, along with 10 italic options to match. For a limited time only, download the Complete Family (20 fonts) for just $17! Betm is also a great WebFont design to work with - extremely affordable and WOFF2 file sizes start from just 15kb (lite) and 27kb (full). Download Betm Font Betm was published by Typesketchbook on March 09,
Estandar Rounded
Estandar Rounded is a retro and vintage way finding sans serif font, inspired by old signal in central park and Europe. A Condensed sans with a tall x-height, the Estandar Rounded family contains 6 Weights, along with italics and a dingbat option. Estandar Rounded is currently marked 70% off until February 12, 2015, with download options starting from just $4.20! Download Estandar Rounded Font Estandar Rounded was published by LatinoType on January 06,
Mairy is an organic sans-serif font that contains 9 weights, and for a limited time only you can download the Complete Family (18 fonts) for just $16.50! A great font for web and mobile app design, at a crazy affordable price. Download Mairy Font Mairy was published by Typesketchbook on January 12,
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