YWFT Wool Stencil: Ready Anywhere, Anytime, Any Weather
YWFT Wool is a rough-house, dirty stencil font that's always read to drop and give you twenty. It's the font on crates flying from a jeep into a plane's cargo hold. Its designers suggest that Wool is "raw, mean, distressed, and ready for combat." That's readily apparent. This is the font you paradrop into your project when you mean business, when you want your message to be commanding and action-inducing. The font's distressed, stencilled look give it a tough guy's wizened squint—it
xScan from Studio 2am: ‘Drag’ Any Font Through a Scanner for Instant Text Distortions
Based in Sydney, Australia, Studio 2am specializes in crafting design assets that create instant warped and distorted effects in seconds. They also provide a variety of cut-out image collections, along with gradients and even animated textures. If you’re looking for a creative way to add some unique characteristics to your work, Studio 2am can help you to get that done while shaving valuable time off of your design workflow. One of their more recent releases through YouWorkForThem
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