3D Geometrics From Geometrica: As Lovely As You’d Expect
Geometrica Bureau's body of work exudes space, air, and light. It speaks of clean bright rooms furnished sparingly, Swedish Modern, birch trees under bright sun, doing things the easy way, clarity, beauty in simplicity. Please consider their collection and see if you agree. Geometrica's consistent evocations of intelligently adorned spaces has always given their work a real feel, a three-dimensionality that is sensed to the point of tangibility. This solidity has been applied in projects
Monochrome Lines: Sheer Clarity from Geometrica
The Geometrica Bureau has a knack for creating clean, refreshing patterns and designs that lend themselves equally well to a webpage or a summer dress. They remind us that basic colors and concepts hold endlessly original possibilities, possibilities that come out in the versatility of Geometrica's final products. When a creation can be sensibly and harmoniously applied to wallpaper or wall art, to packaging, blogs, or stationery—that says a lot. This breadth and power is not accidental,
Organic Cutouts: The Natural World Meets Contemporary Abstract Art
Based in Australia, Geometrica Bureau is a graphic resources studio that specializes in patterns with a geometric flair. Designed to be user-friendly and adaptable to any workflow, their products are always crafted for both print and digital use in mind. Organic Cutouts is a contemporary design set of organic shapes and abstract patterns that will add visual depth and sophistication to any design project. High resolution at 300dpi, the vector illustrations in Organic Cutouts were
Lux Abstracts: Vector Illustration Patterns From Geometrica Bureau
  Geometric abstract art has had an ongoing influence on the world beginning around the turn of the 20th century, yet it remains a constant force in today’s design world, as well.  Based in Sydney, Australia, Geometrica Bureau is a design studio and label that focuses on graphic design, illustration, UI design, visual design, and branding. Celebrating abstract style, Geometrica Bureau “creates beautiful and premium geometric patterns” that are always user-friendly and
Fellbaum Grotesk: A Vintage Sans Serif With Subtle Cursive Elements
Established in 2015 by designer and typographer Sean Coady, Vintage Type Co. celebrates history through its exploration of typography and design. As creative director of Vintage Type Co., Sean understands the importance of typography, citing it as the very foundation society was built upon. He makes a solid point with this observation; after all, without type… there wouldn't be any words on this page.  The self-taught musician has learned a thing or two about design on his own,
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